Buncombe County GOP Spring Gala

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The Buncombe County GOP invites you to an evening to remember!

Friday, May 19th, 2017

The Buncombe Republican Party Spring Gala!

Doors open at 6:30pm with dinner at 7:00pm

 Big band music and the history and heritage of our Buncombe County Courthouse
will bring us together in the new atrium at 60 Court Plaza in downtown Asheville.

Together we’ll celebrate our Grand Old Party’s dynamic history and promising future with dinner, music,
fellowship, a moment with our elected officials and a really special experience with a digital scrapbook extravaganza!


 Entertainment by the Sinatra Era music of-

The 42nd Street Jazz Band

Cost: $30.00 / Single or $50.00 / Couple

At the door cost: $40.00 / Single or $60.00 / Couple –  Personal checks only. 

Dinner buffet served by Scutter’s Catering

Parking directly across the street at county garage

Dress – time to pull out our ties and pretty dresses – date night attire

 Our Spring Gala is an alcohol-free celebration.

This is the time when Republicans and our partners in good governance come together to celebrate the blessings and successes of the year!

Seating is limited so get your reservations in NOW below!

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District Elections for Asheville – Manipulated Surveys and Gerrymandered Power

April 26, 2017

From: Buncombe GOP
To: Buncombe County Republicans and Our Partners in Good Governance
Subject: District Elections for Asheville – Manipulated Surveys and Gerrymandered Power

Those who believe in diversity of thought have concerns about the lack of balance on Asheville’s governing body. Since 2009, to one degree or another, every member has self-proclaimed as a liberal or progressive. The range of political views, per voting record, runs from left to far left. Conservative or even moderate representation = zero. Consider the wisdom of George Patton – “If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking.”

Mind if we share the BCGOP view on the importance of diversity of thought? If you have one handy, hold up a silver dollar. Depending on which angle of view you take, you may see Lady Liberty or the American Eagle. Both sides matter and neither is necessarily right or wrong. When everyone is looking from only one side – important things get missed.

Asheville’s City Council took the unusual step of using tax dollars to fund a survey of how residents felt about the possibility of District Elections. Here’s what we have learned about that phone poll—

  • The study cost $7,500
  • There were 400 participants
  • Each was asked – per the final report – approximately 25+/- questions
  • The final report was 43 pages long
  • Participants were 51% Democrats – 16% Republicans


1) We were unable to determine how many participants completed the questions. That matters – because those who do so are usually invested in the subject – note Dem/Rep ratio above. It’s also a factor in overall survey reliability and validity outcomes. When was the last time you were willing to answer 25+/- questions on a phone survey?

2) This poll makes classic Survey 101 mistakes – leading questions (“I don’t want to change the way we elect members of City Council. I like being able to cast a vote for every seat on City Council.”); loaded questions (“I believe single-member districts are a good way to ensure all racial groups in Asheville have equal representation on City Council.”); and double-barreled questions (“Creating single-member districts in Asheville opens the door to a redistricting process, similar to what takes place in Raleigh when it comes to redrawing Congressional and Legislative lines ever 10 years. I’m afraid this would invite Gerrymandering and more partisan politics into a municipal government where elections are non-partisan.”) Whew – That last one covered all three.

3) That our homogeneous elected city body uses taxpayer funds to pursue a biased survey against a potential threat to power (District Elections) comes as a disappointment. That they would do it so recklessly, well…

There is truth in the suggestion that Asheville’s size does not merit district elections. However, with the demographic lock that the left has on Asheville’s voting population, district elections offer a realistic, fair and prudent path to balanced representation on Asheville’s governing body.

For those who believe diversity of thought matters, this issue is a no-brainer. For those who believe it is ethical to gerrymander total domination of local government with bogus surveys, apparently, it isn’t.

Carl Mumpower, Chair, BCGOP

President Donald J. Trump just signed the first pro-life law in 14 years!

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From: Buncombe GOP
To: Buncombe County Republicans and Our Partners in Good Governance
Subject: Big victory for those seeking to protect the lives and rights of the unborn

President Donald J. Trump just signed the first pro-life law in 14 years!

10th District Congressman Patrick McHenry joined with 11th District Representative Mark Meadows to support H.J. Resolution 43 in overturning former President Barack Obama’s last-minute gift of taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood. It was his intent to force states to fund this pro-abortion non-profit through Title X – that would have amounted to $60 million dollars coming out of our pockets and going into theirs. States now have the right to say “NO!” to Planned Parenthood.

According to Congressman McHenry’s office, this is a big step toward the ultimate goal of the Republican Party – defunding the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, of every last one of our tax dollars.

Thanks is due to our two Congressman for their participation in this good effort – the best way to contain weeds is to grow good grass.

Please take time to express your appreciation to them both for their efforts to – it’s worth repeating – protect the lives and rights of the unborn.

In service,

Carl Mumpower, Chair


1) Though they sell their service focus as women’s health, Planned Parenthood is first and foremost in the abortion business. They are the major force in a frightening statistic – 60 million lives have been intercepted since Roe v. Wade.
2) Contrary to what they say, Planned Parenthood not only coordinates, supports and advocates abortion services, they also provide such services directly – 50% of which are done on teenagers and college-aged women.
3) Planned Parenthood commits 392 abortions for every one adoption referral it makes. They are not really about choice – they are about convenience. Part of the reason – abortions are a source of revenue, adoptions are not.
4) Planned Parenthood receives over a million dollars of tax-payer money every day.

No Planned Parenthood by LiveAction.org
Image by LiveAction.org


Reflections on Easter and Religious Liberties

April 17, 2019

From: Buncombe GOP
To: Buncombe County Republicans and Our Partners in Good Governance
Subject: Religious Liberties – Please consider sharing with your contact list…

For many people of faith, Easter stands as pivotal day of reflection, celebration and worship. It is also a fitting time to remember the importance and fragility of our religious liberties. More specifically, if you are a person of faith, you may be interested in the stark difference in the Republican and Democratic National Platforms on your liberties.

The GOP Platform prioritizes religious liberty. In fact, the very first paragraph of our Preamble is devoted to the U.S. Constitution and its priority dedication to religious freedom—

“We are the party of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Declaration sets forth the fundamental precepts of American government: That God bestows certain inalienable rights on every individual, thus producing human equality; that government exists first and foremost to protect those inalienable rights; that man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights; and that if God-given, natural, inalienable rights come in conflict with government, court, or human-granted rights, God-given, natural, inalienable rights always prevail; that there is a moral law recognized as “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”; and that American government is to operate with the consent of the governed. We are also the party of the Constitution, the greatest political document ever written. It is the solemn compact built upon principles of the Declaration that enshrines our God-given individual rights and ensures that all Americans stand equal before the law, defines the purposes and limits of government, and is the blueprint for ordered liberty that makes the United States the world’s freest and most prosperous nation.”

Contrast this extraordinarily courageous language with the Democratic Platform statement—

“We support a progressive vision of religious freedom that respects pluralism and rejects the misuse of religion to discriminate.”

Yes, that’s it – code for “we worship big government and the things of man and want you religious zealots – per patterned behavior, that means Christians – to please get out of the way.

Republicans should be proud that their party has the courage to stand on The Bill of Rights – whereby the very first freedom it seeks to protect is religious freedom. The language is clear – “Congress (the law-making body of our nation) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

We live in a nation guided by a Constitutional compass dedicated to freedom of religion – not freedom from religion. If you hold similar priorities, may we suggest that now is the time to strengthen your association with the American political movement that understands the crucial differences between the things of God and the things of man.

In service,

Carl Mumpower, Chair

The Buncombe County Republican Party is sponsoring an essay contest.

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The Buncombe County Republican Party is sponsoring an essay contest.

Thanks for sharing the word on this youth uplift opportunity!





Ø 500-1,000 TYPED WORDS

Ø Open to any Buncombe County H.S. student (9-12) – public, private, home school, etc.

Ø Deadline – May 15th, 2017


1ST Prize $300

2nd Prize $200

3RD Prize $100

Please submit entries by mail or email to:

Dr. Carl Mumpower, Chair

Buncombe County GOP

One Oak Plaza – Suite 309

Asheville, North Carolina 28801

(828) 252-3890 ~ drmumpower@aol.com

Winners will be introduced and recognized at our annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner!

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


Check out: 1600 Daily: Everything White House for 4/13/17


Today, President Donald J. Trump will meet with first responders who courageously jumped into action during the I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta, and thank them for their service. Our first responders are the bravest among us, and President Trump is behind them 100%.

President Trump’s Schedule


11:00AM: President Trump signs H.J.Res. 43


2:00PM: President Trump meets with the I-85 bridge first responders – Watch LIVE


President Trump is committed to making our government more accountable to you, the American people. President Trump wants to hear your ideas on how government can be more efficient and effective.
Give YOUR input here.


President Trump holds a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

Click here for more.

Rep. Meadows Speaks Out on Health Care Reform Bill

The Tribune Papers – Congressman Mark Meadows, (R-NC)

Exclusive Interview

By Pete Zamplas- Freedom Caucus Chairman U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows sees the health care stalemate unlocked by Easter, easing off from a demand for a full Obamacare repeal that made national waves after he stood toe to toe with President Donald Trump.

But the local congressman still firmly seeks to undo two more regulations in order to further lower insurance premiums and boost care quality. “I’m optimistic we’ll find some kind of resolution, in the coming days,” third-term Rep. Meadows told The Tribune Monday, while driving from the 11th House District in western North Carolina back to the nation’s capital.

That night, the UNC Tar Heels won the national basketball title, while Meadows conferred with Vice-president Mike Pence.

Meadows remains a Trump supporter. “He’s done more in 65 days than any president in modern history,” with executive orders to roll back regulations to try to spur business growth, Meadows said March 26 as special guest on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

He praised the “master negotiator” as one to be “admired for his negotiating prowess. He is extremely engaging. If a deal is met, it’s because of the president’s personal involvement.”

Click here to read more.