On Memorial Day, a minute matters…

May 29, 2017

It is for good reason that Memorial Day stands as the soberest of official American holidays. Those who have lost their lives in the service of our country merit the pause. The numbers, names and narratives are so numerous as to otherwise silently slip from our grasp.

Though we frequently speak of our War Dead as “defenders of freedom,” it can be argued that many have served and been lost to a far less noble mission. A truth that cannot be tarnished is how they served – objectively measured by their suffering and sacrifice.

The ways Americans recognize Memorial Day are many.  That spectrum includes reverent graveside ceremonies, cookouts, toasts, running up the flag or possibly a favored war film on Turner Classic Movies. Another way is to simply take a minute in reflection. Visualizing what so many have experienced in our history – the heat, the cold, the uncertainty, the fear, the loneliness – and most powerfully – the relentless shadow of death.

On this sober day, please take a minute and listen. If the silenced voices could speak, experience tells us three things they would share – “Keep America’s beacon alive, take good care of those who serve in our stead – and don’t forget us.”

We remember,

Buncombe County Republican Party

You may also appreciate this excellent Saturday WSJ editorial on this same subject –


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

13 Reasons to chose Republican over Brand-X…

13 Things That are Better About Being a Republican than BrandX

1)      We believe in big people and little government – BrandX believes in the opposite.
2)      We believe in keeping other people’s money in their pocket – BrandX believes in picking those pockets.
3)      We believe in climate science grounded in fact – BrandX believes in climate science grounded in emotion.
4)      We believe in enforcing existing laws – BrandX believes in evading enforcement and expanding new laws.
5)      We believe in helping people reach for their potentials – BrandX believes in helping people reach for gov. handouts.
6)      We believe in using good means to create good outcomes – BrandX believes the word good doesn’t exist.
7)      We believe in nature’s message that life is a bold adventure – BrandX believes life is a children’s fairy-tale.
8)      We believe in earning votes with truth – BrandX believes in seducing votes with the promise of booty.
9)      We believe in preserving liberty as a mission – BrandX believes in expanding control as an obsession.
10)   We believe in preserving life as a responsibility – BrandX believes in preserving choice as a convenience.
11)   We believe in staying strong in a dangerous world – BrandX believes in staying stoned in a make-believe world.
12)   We believe in firearm & self-protection rights – BrandX believes in protecting those who make those rights necessary.
13)   We believe in the U.S. Constitution as an inspired blueprint – BrandX believes it’s an expired inconvenience.




May 24th, 2017

From:     BCGOP

To:         Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance

Subj:      President’s budget is a profile in courage – he just put your money where his words have been

Republican President Donald Trump’s new federal budget proposal represents an extraordinary effort to take a major step toward fulfilling his pre-election promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ His method – reroute taxpayer dollars fueling the corruption.

This 2017 budget rolls back funding on 80 bloated and increasingly ineffective Federal bureaucracies. Our Republican President  recognizes that when a country has essentially doubled its national debt in 8 years, it can ill afford policies and practices that will assure more of the same and worse.

The savings are going into reducing the deficit and securing social security, public safety, defense, transportation and veterans.

The howls are just beginning – and no doubt in short order will become a deafening chorus.  May we prep you now with an imagined headline?

The Liberal Propaganda Times

Our Selective Views on the News!

Trump Budget Plan Attacks Widows And Orphans!

The shameless Trump budget plan is almost totally devoted to doubling the homeless population; driving minorities and the zebra striped snail darter into extinction; pulling nursing infants from the arms of deported immigrant moms; poisoning the air of Democratically controlled cities; and putting a second gun into the pockets of every 18 year old public housing drug dealer  –  all the while making Moscow and Wall Street Fat-cats (who supported Hillary four to one) richer than (the founding father of yellow journalism) William Randolph Hurst ever imagined …

This is a wonderful time for Republican elected officials to get behind the President. After all, a cornerstone of our principles and platform is a passion for being careful with other people’s money.

What we are about to witness is a inevitable outcome of liberal pretense that seducing voters with unearned benefits and largess is a realistic approach to governance. It was never a sustainable deception.

The propaganda arm of the left will reliably attempt to sell the ‘catastrophic’ impact of President’s Trump’s budget. The real story is his unusual courage in accelerating the collapse of a great lie that has guided American politics for decades – the pretense that something for nothing even exists…

Republican Women – “It’s Annual Picnic Time!”

The Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club Invites you and your guest to our annual-


Thursday, June 8th from 11:30am – 1:30pm / Governor’s Western Residence

Keynote Speaker: Lt. Col. James Womack

Come out and meet your candidates and elected officials and enjoy ham and fried chicken lunch!

Please bring a side dish or dessert, a $5 donation to offset expenses and a toiletry item for our women Veterans in need.

Please RSVP to Dorothea Alderfer at dalderfer2567@charter.net or 828-683-2567


A week ago yesterday we submitted a letter-to-the editor to our community’s daily paper. The submission was in response to yet another hyper-liberal editorial criticizing our two Republican Congressman. This time it was for our rep’s support and celebration of House passage of the American Health Care Act – an honored promise. Here’s a link to the C-T’s take-

Our view: WNC’s shameful moment in the Rose Garden

Here’s our May 14th, 2017 submission – they didn’t print it.

We don’t expect privileged access to their letter’s page, but ask any Republican about the extraordinarily narrow window for conservative submissions to the C-T. When you’re operating as a propaganda arm for the left, diversity of thought is not your friend.

As a curiosity, we double checked the electronic version of today’s C-T. Every letter – excepting one missive devoted to beer – and the staff editorial focused on bashing Republican elected officials. We think that kind of thinking is shameful – and dangerous.

If you believe that different angles of view matter, please copy and paste this and share it with your friends…

Dear Editor:

No doubt Sunday’s (May 14, 2017) C-T editorial eviscerating WNC’s Republican Congressmen added some pep to the step of area liberals. It’s a shame you had to dive into the bottom of the bias pool to make it happen.

The article’s essence was Meadows, McHenry and President Trump had nothing to celebrate in the American Health Care Act. Mind if the group representing Buncombe’s 45,000 Republicans challenge the limitations of your lamentations?

The biggest con in 21st century American politics is voter seduction through the promise of something for nothing. The Brand-X Party and their various propaganda arms make an art form of articulating this fantasy for the unwitting.

It’s absolutely true the AHCA will not match the promises of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Not even the ACA can match the promises of the ACA. That ill-conceived cost, accessibility and service equation is melting right before our eyes.

Congratulations are due to WNC’s Washington reps. They’re fulfilling a principled promise to recraft the unsustainable illusions of the ACA. That means coming down to earth – an imperfect earth – that’s full of people who confuse enabling with love and a vanity fix with compassion. Shame on C-T editors for being part of the con. (200 words)

Carl Mumpower, Chair – BCGOP


As part of the Buncombe County Republican Spring Gala held last evening (Friday, May 19th), we announced the winner of our new essay contest.


Ms. Grady received a check for $300 and a plaque honoring her achievement.

Congratulations Samantha – you are a clear example of the American Success Equation in action!

Below is the text of her submission –

America’s Equation for Success

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action, according to our will, within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” Combined with responsibility and opportunity, this forms what we refer to as “the American success equation”. The Founding Fathers of our beautiful country intended for this formula to preserve the innate rights of every human being. Therefore, the importance of the American success formula lays in the proposition that without liberty, responsibility, or opportunity, Americans lack prosperity; and without prosperity, we are but mere slaves to poverty.

The very existence of liberty is the driving force behind America’s prosperity. Our Founding Fathers built America upon the belief that every American deserves freedom. They “carefully scrutinized every system of government in existence” (MOA) in hopes of finding a form of government that would satisfy the three main desires of mankind: freedom, prosperity, and peace. American historian at Cornell University, Clinton Raossiter, once said, there is “no happiness without liberty, no liberty without self-government, no self-government without constitutionalism, no constitutionalism without morality—and none of these great goods without stability and order” (MOA).

Furthermore, because of America’s advancements in scientific technology, there is an urgency to provide an environment in which major changes can be handled (MOA). Modern developments such as DNA chips, biometrics, and excessive government surveillance threaten to take away the liberty guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. The idea is that America must regain its basic moorings in order to withstand the brewing storms (MOA).

Although liberty remains the key to a successful government (MOA), responsibility plays another vital role in the equation. Responsibility is defined as, “the state of being responsible for someone or something” (Press). The “someone” for whom we are responsible, is ourselves; and the “something” for which we are responsible, is our country. The main way in which we can contribute to a bright and prosperous future, is by voting for morally strong leaders; not only is this form of responsibility, but it is a privilege! Many things have changed in America since the 18th century, but one thing that has remained constant is the right of voting. We must make sound judgements for those we desire to lead our country so that she may prosper.

Americans’ constitutional right to opportunity mattered in the past because it gave people of all religions, ethnicities, and statuses the ability to own land, find better employment (Lum), and pursue entrepreneurship; today, equal opportunity allows both the privileged and the less fortunate to pursue their path of choice and prosper in it. Thus, opportunity is the very thing that allowed for the development of a new and exciting country. Americans saw hope rising amidst an undeveloped providence (FTYL), and as a result it sparked the flame for American citizens to fulfill their manifest destiny—the settlers’ sense of mission to accomplish their divine calling. As pioneers of prosperity economics and political science (MOA), our founders saw it necessary to take the opportunity given to them by the Almighty hand of God. As a result, the settlers felt prompted to contribute to this widespread idea because it promised a prosperous future to all Americans.

What, then, makes us American? What gives us the right to be who we want to be and do what we want to do without inhumane punishment (Constitution)? The American success equation around which the United States Constitution was born protects these innate rights. It is because our Forefathers held high standards for every component of their success formula that we now stand in a free country in which opportunities are abundant and prosperity prevails. However, our Constitutional respect is drifting off to sea and will soon be lost if we fail to take action—this is what our Founders expected of us (MOA)!  We must begin to educate ourselves in the Constitution and take on personal responsibilities so that we may hold onto our liberty, opportunities, and prosperity. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Essay Contest Submission – Samantha Grady – May 15, 2017


Lumen. US History I. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/ushistory1os2xmaster/chapter/english-settlements-in-america/ (Lum)
Madison), The Founding Fathers (James. U.S. Constitution . Napervillle, IL: Oak Hill Publishing Company , 2013. (Constitution)
Press, Oxford University. Compact Oxford English Dictionary . Italy, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005. (Press)
Skousen, W. Cleon. The Five Thousand Year Leap. American Documents Publishing , 1981, 2009. (FTYL)
—. The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution. National Center for Constitutional Studies, 1985. (MOA)

Catastrophe is Imminent!

WHEN IT COMES TO OUR PRESIDENT, “IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY AGAIN” has become the guiding mantra for mainstream media outlets. Conservative minded realists would do well to skip this version of a never ending disaster film series.

Read about any paper (Including a favorite – The Wall Street Journal) and you would think the world was in imminent danger of collapse thanks to President Trump’s latest catastrophic utterance. May we suggest there is a difference in careless and calamitous and trivial and tragic like there’s a difference between a cold and lung cancer?

America’s liberal propaganda artists – aided and abetted by some people who should know better – would have us think their version of chemotherapy is the proper solution to what amounts to a leaky nose.

Our Republican President makes himself an easy target by sharing recipes before all the ingredients have been established. That gives antagonists an opportunity to target what’s missing and predict failure. So, what else is new?

His detractors have been doing the same thing to this gentleman since he started running. They have been wrong at every turn – and with remarkable consistency. Don’t buy the hype that this time that they’re right and disaster is imminent.

The path to success is rarely a straight line. We have someone in the White House who has an identified mission of ‘draining the swamp.’ No one does that perfectly, with precision and clean fingernails. Anyone who pretends such is manufacturing an image and legacy – not fixing the swamp.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – that our President has done since coming into office has had catastrophic impact. Behind the headlines he’s tackling the swamp one shovel load at a time while his enemies resist his efforts with backhoes – and the pretense that there was a recent time when we had stellar leadership.

It’s in that last point Republicans and our partners in good governance can find solace amidst all the media carnage. By every effective measure you can use – unity, budgetary integrity, Constitutional sincerity, productivity, etc. – America’s senior leadership equation has been impaired for years.

The fact the media and so many politicos have shifted from tossing softballs to our previous CEO to throwing hand grenades at President Trump reveals more about them than him…

State Party Messaging Memo, Thursday, May 18th 
Statement from President Donald J. Trump
“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. I look forward to this matter concluding quickly. In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country.”

Who’s Gerrymandering Who?

The Mayor of Asheville and Common Cause held a May 11th, 1017 press conference. Their mission – to challenge the ‘travesty’ of gerrymandered districts across the state. Predictably, Common Cause claimed the moral high ground – although this issue, for all intents and purposes, was ignored while Democrats controlled state government for 150 years. Have you noticed how ‘the right thing’ only becomes an issue when Republicans are in authority?

But the biggest hypocrisy came from our City’s Mayor and Common Cause ignoring realities in the building right behind their platform. While wringing hands over claims of ‘gerrymandering’ in Raleigh, the same thing – even worse – is going on right here at home. The left has had 7-0 control for 8 years and 6-1 or 5-2 control for the entire century. They are doing everything they can to keep that hypocritical imbalance.

A glaring example – the big tax dollars they spent to craft a bogus survey (characterized by the classic measures of a manipulated effort – leading, loaded and double-barrelled questions and untraceable completion statistics) directed to undermining the pursuit of balance in our local elected body. It’s a pretty shameful action – using taxpayer money to protect a monopoly.

Asheville should not need district elections. But with the demographic/power lock of the left, city districts offer a realistic, fair and prudent path to balanced representation.

Consider this statement by former BCGOP Chair Nathan West- “Arguing against allowing multiple areas and views to have a voice is bad policy. Varied points of views offer challenge, and challenge strengthens ideas and reveals weaknesses.”

As for why the need should be addressed legislatively versus through a local referendum, we like a quote by the champion for this effort, Republican State Senator Chuck Edwards- “You’ve got a group of citizens saying they feel underrepresented by the system, why would we send them to that same system for a resolution?”

7-0 dedications and that quote pretty well sum up why the Mayor’s presentation was an eloquent effort to call out the other guy’s behavior and side-step the clear efforts by Asheville’s 7-0 majority to continue gerrymandering local power.

We’re not so greedy. From experience we know that having even a single conservative voice in city hall will go a long ways to turning on the lights. We encourage you to get behind district elections in Asheville for that very reason.

Nathan West, Immediate Past-Chair

Carl Mumpower, Chair

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save