13 Things That are Better About Being a Republican than BrandX

1)      We believe in big people and little government – BrandX believes in the opposite.
2)      We believe in keeping other people’s money in their pocket – BrandX believes in picking those pockets.
3)      We believe in climate science grounded in fact – BrandX believes in climate science grounded in emotion.
4)      We believe in enforcing existing laws – BrandX believes in evading enforcement and expanding new laws.
5)      We believe in helping people reach for their potentials – BrandX believes in helping people reach for gov. handouts.
6)      We believe in using good means to create good outcomes – BrandX believes the word good doesn’t exist.
7)      We believe in nature’s message that life is a bold adventure – BrandX believes life is a children’s fairy-tale.
8)      We believe in earning votes with truth – BrandX believes in seducing votes with the promise of booty.
9)      We believe in preserving liberty as a mission – BrandX believes in expanding control as an obsession.
10)   We believe in preserving life as a responsibility – BrandX believes in preserving choice as a convenience.
11)   We believe in staying strong in a dangerous world – BrandX believes in staying stoned in a make-believe world.
12)   We believe in firearm & self-protection rights – BrandX believes in protecting those who make those rights necessary.
13)   We believe in the U.S. Constitution as an inspired blueprint – BrandX believes it’s an expired inconvenience.



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