A week ago yesterday we submitted a letter-to-the editor to our community’s daily paper. The submission was in response to yet another hyper-liberal editorial criticizing our two Republican Congressman. This time it was for our rep’s support and celebration of House passage of the American Health Care Act – an honored promise. Here’s a link to the C-T’s take-

Our view: WNC’s shameful moment in the Rose Garden

Here’s our May 14th, 2017 submission – they didn’t print it.

We don’t expect privileged access to their letter’s page, but ask any Republican about the extraordinarily narrow window for conservative submissions to the C-T. When you’re operating as a propaganda arm for the left, diversity of thought is not your friend.

As a curiosity, we double checked the electronic version of today’s C-T. Every letter – excepting one missive devoted to beer – and the staff editorial focused on bashing Republican elected officials. We think that kind of thinking is shameful – and dangerous.

If you believe that different angles of view matter, please copy and paste this and share it with your friends…

Dear Editor:

No doubt Sunday’s (May 14, 2017) C-T editorial eviscerating WNC’s Republican Congressmen added some pep to the step of area liberals. It’s a shame you had to dive into the bottom of the bias pool to make it happen.

The article’s essence was Meadows, McHenry and President Trump had nothing to celebrate in the American Health Care Act. Mind if the group representing Buncombe’s 45,000 Republicans challenge the limitations of your lamentations?

The biggest con in 21st century American politics is voter seduction through the promise of something for nothing. The Brand-X Party and their various propaganda arms make an art form of articulating this fantasy for the unwitting.

It’s absolutely true the AHCA will not match the promises of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Not even the ACA can match the promises of the ACA. That ill-conceived cost, accessibility and service equation is melting right before our eyes.

Congratulations are due to WNC’s Washington reps. They’re fulfilling a principled promise to recraft the unsustainable illusions of the ACA. That means coming down to earth – an imperfect earth – that’s full of people who confuse enabling with love and a vanity fix with compassion. Shame on C-T editors for being part of the con. (200 words)

Carl Mumpower, Chair – BCGOP

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