May 24th, 2017

From:     BCGOP

To:         Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance

Subj:      President’s budget is a profile in courage – he just put your money where his words have been

Republican President Donald Trump’s new federal budget proposal represents an extraordinary effort to take a major step toward fulfilling his pre-election promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ His method – reroute taxpayer dollars fueling the corruption.

This 2017 budget rolls back funding on 80 bloated and increasingly ineffective Federal bureaucracies. Our Republican President  recognizes that when a country has essentially doubled its national debt in 8 years, it can ill afford policies and practices that will assure more of the same and worse.

The savings are going into reducing the deficit and securing social security, public safety, defense, transportation and veterans.

The howls are just beginning – and no doubt in short order will become a deafening chorus.  May we prep you now with an imagined headline?

The Liberal Propaganda Times

Our Selective Views on the News!

Trump Budget Plan Attacks Widows And Orphans!

The shameless Trump budget plan is almost totally devoted to doubling the homeless population; driving minorities and the zebra striped snail darter into extinction; pulling nursing infants from the arms of deported immigrant moms; poisoning the air of Democratically controlled cities; and putting a second gun into the pockets of every 18 year old public housing drug dealer  –  all the while making Moscow and Wall Street Fat-cats (who supported Hillary four to one) richer than (the founding father of yellow journalism) William Randolph Hurst ever imagined …

This is a wonderful time for Republican elected officials to get behind the President. After all, a cornerstone of our principles and platform is a passion for being careful with other people’s money.

What we are about to witness is a inevitable outcome of liberal pretense that seducing voters with unearned benefits and largess is a realistic approach to governance. It was never a sustainable deception.

The propaganda arm of the left will reliably attempt to sell the ‘catastrophic’ impact of President’s Trump’s budget. The real story is his unusual courage in accelerating the collapse of a great lie that has guided American politics for decades – the pretense that something for nothing even exists…

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