The Mayor of Asheville and Common Cause held a May 11th, 1017 press conference. Their mission – to challenge the ‘travesty’ of gerrymandered districts across the state. Predictably, Common Cause claimed the moral high ground – although this issue, for all intents and purposes, was ignored while Democrats controlled state government for 150 years. Have you noticed how ‘the right thing’ only becomes an issue when Republicans are in authority?

But the biggest hypocrisy came from our City’s Mayor and Common Cause ignoring realities in the building right behind their platform. While wringing hands over claims of ‘gerrymandering’ in Raleigh, the same thing – even worse – is going on right here at home. The left has had 7-0 control for 8 years and 6-1 or 5-2 control for the entire century. They are doing everything they can to keep that hypocritical imbalance.

A glaring example – the big tax dollars they spent to craft a bogus survey (characterized by the classic measures of a manipulated effort – leading, loaded and double-barrelled questions and untraceable completion statistics) directed to undermining the pursuit of balance in our local elected body. It’s a pretty shameful action – using taxpayer money to protect a monopoly.

Asheville should not need district elections. But with the demographic/power lock of the left, city districts offer a realistic, fair and prudent path to balanced representation.

Consider this statement by former BCGOP Chair Nathan West- “Arguing against allowing multiple areas and views to have a voice is bad policy. Varied points of views offer challenge, and challenge strengthens ideas and reveals weaknesses.”

As for why the need should be addressed legislatively versus through a local referendum, we like a quote by the champion for this effort, Republican State Senator Chuck Edwards- “You’ve got a group of citizens saying they feel underrepresented by the system, why would we send them to that same system for a resolution?”

7-0 dedications and that quote pretty well sum up why the Mayor’s presentation was an eloquent effort to call out the other guy’s behavior and side-step the clear efforts by Asheville’s 7-0 majority to continue gerrymandering local power.

We’re not so greedy. From experience we know that having even a single conservative voice in city hall will go a long ways to turning on the lights. We encourage you to get behind district elections in Asheville for that very reason.

Nathan West, Immediate Past-Chair

Carl Mumpower, Chair

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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