June 5th, 2017


2016 will go down in history as a wondrous recovery year for Republican thinking. It wasn’t just luck. It can be very specifically tracked to a direct cause that predicts an equally bright future.

The featured speaker at the 2017 NCGOP Convention in Wilmington this weekend was Kellyanne Conway. This bright Republican light was scary smart in sharing the whys and hows of President Trump’s successful Presidential bid. Her take – ultimately his ability to communicate with people on a one-on-one human level carried the election. One of the other many important things she shared resonated as a point of action for Buncombe Country Republicans – “Develop a 7-second message on why you are a Republican.” Here’s one that might help-

The American Success Equation is a simple formula – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity. It’s so simple we take it for granted. Yet in this formula we find the future of the right and the Achilles heel of the left.

Today’s Brand-X Party is dominated by self-proclaimed ‘progressives.’ The core of their pitch is promising something for nothing. It’s a convincing attractant to the young, disadvantaged or naive. When one doubts personal capacity for upward mobility, there’s appeal in the pretense someone else can do the job. Therein lies the rub for Brand-X – when you promise something for nothing, you’d better deliver or face the wrath of your minions.

The paragraph above affirms the insincerity of the left – the one above it secures their expiration. Progressive-liberal-socialists like liberty, but only to the extent it licenses misbehavior. They seek to control everything else. Predictably, they’re good to go on opportunity. They fail miserably on responsibility. If you promise something for nothing, you have to step over accountability or kill the fantasy.

The recent accelerating extremism demonstrated by the left can be traced to their heretofore inconceivable collapse of credibility. In a struggle between a proven success equation and the hollow promise of something for nothing – reality won.

Republicans understand that liberty, opportunity and responsibility are a package deal. Our mission is summarized in the American Success Equation – our challenge is to work together to stay true to that message and thus secure the limitless potentials of America’s future.

This past election demonstrated that most Americans get it that we get that – and will understand the humanity of our 7-second message.

In service,

Carl Mumpower, Chair


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