June 27, 2017


From:               Buncombe GOP

To:                   Buncombe County Republicans and our partners in good governance

Subject:           Call for volunteers!

Buncombe’s 45,000 Republicans Need Some More Leaders!

Building on the momentum of the many folks who have laid their good touch on the BCGOP is not an easy task. We’re trying, and we need your help to expand that effort.

Our Precinct Chairs are quite simply the lynchpin of our County party. This responsibility is where the rubber meets the road in terms of securing good candidates, assuring voter turnout, electing conservatives and supporting elected Republican officials. We’ve made great headway in filling many Precinct vacancies, but 35 are in need of someone to take the helm and make a positive difference in their community.

It’s an important job – not a fulltime job – and we provide training, support, resources and coordinators to help. Enthusiasm and a desire to learn is more important than experience or expertise.

Qualifications are simple – (1) Registered Republican (2) Email and Internet access and (3) An interest in making a difference to your community, region, state and country.

Responsibilities include – (1) Work to strengthen Republican presence in your community (2) Encourage voter registration (3) Recruit persons in your precinct to serve as paid election workers or work outside your Precinct’s poll on election days and (4) Coordinate volunteers to make calls, help with mailouts, etc.

Being a Precinct Chair affords volunteers a great opportunity to make a positive difference without being overwhelmed with pressure and responsibility. Think of an airplane taking off on a slow but steady upward trajectory – that’s what being a Precinct Chair is all about – building a little at a time as your time allows.

Please share this letter with your conservative friends and let’s see if – together – we can whittle down our vacancies one good person at a time. If you have an interest, please call me directly (252-8390). I’ll meet and/or speak with you and connect you with other members of our team who can help you in the right direction. You will never be without a mentor and multiple sources of encouragement and support!

The Buncombe County GOP is serious about making sure conservative values are not trampled by the increasingly unorthodox agenda of Brand-X. We are grateful for your help toward that good end.

With appreciation,

Carl Mumpower, Chair



Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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