Got debate?

If you’re part of an organized political group interested in public policy and the future of our country, the Buncombe County Republican Party Executive Board is extending an invitation – let’s debate!

Political discourse in America is at a very low-point.

Our chair tells us there’s evidence that most people cement their social model in Middle School. The level of maturity with which we’re addressing our political differences affirms that suggestion.

With an eye on upping the game in our community, the BCGOP is extending an open invitation to any organized political or neighborhood group to debate any local, state or national political issue.

There are no restrictions on location, format or agenda. Give us a heads up, and we’re happy to meet you on your turf, in your way and focus on your issues.

The catch – there isn’t one. In fact, we’re even offering a bonus. After the debate, the Chair will donate $100 to the charity of your group’s choice.

Why are we really doing this – (1) we want to take a positive approach to our community’s currently negative political paradigm and (2) we believe our conservative values will stand the test.

Call or email our chair – or 252-8390 – if you would like to discuss possibilities!

(Note – can you help us get the word out? The Charlotte Observer just did – – Thanks!)



Why be a Republican? Because we get the American Success Equation

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

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