Chair’s note – Today’s education system – top to bottom – is almost universally dominated by progressive-liberal-socialists advocating their political preferences or passive administrators serving as enablers. The end game is an exchange of the crucial importance of teaching the liberal arts for the dark mission of teaching students to be liberals. Locally, A-B Tech and UNC-A are not an exception. A small growing group informally calling themselves the Buncombe Millennial Republicans has begun the process of addressing that wrong. Today, members of the group who are A-B Tech students began posting a “Quietly Conservative” note on the bulletin boards and numerous doors being used by a host of professors as billboards for their liberal agenda. Check out the example at the bottom of the picture below-

Thanks is due to these young men and women who are willing to softly begin making a hard point – “You guys are corrupting our education system – and we’re going to challenge you.”

Look for a similar undertaking by the campus Republicans at UNC-A when their semester begins in the fall.


-Here’s a link to an earlier BCGOP posting on the liberalization of our local universities-


If you’re an A-B Tech student who’d like some “Quietly Conservative” printouts of your own, let us know. We’ll be happy to get you confidentially in touch with some local young Republican conservatives with a courage button.

In the mean time we encourage A-B Tech’s administrators to hit the library and lookup the old “Where’s Waldo?” children’s book series. You’ll find clues on how to find conservative students surviving in your unchecked culture of liberalism.

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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