Representatives of the BCGOP attended Monday’s 11th District GOP meeting in Asheville. State Representative Mike Clampitt and Senator Chuck Edwards were the guests and they gave us a rundown on some of the good things that happened in Raleigh during this session. Please consider sharing this post with your friends – especially the one’s who remind you of schoolyard bullies who believe it’s got to go their way or no way. Give them a big smile on us – there lots for everyone to be happy about!

Here’s a short list of some of the good things that Mike and Chuck tell us were accomplished-

  1. Secured a AAA bond rating – 1 of only 12 states?
  2. Reversed more of the bureaucratic entrenchments that had been secured under 140 years of continuous Democratic control
  3. Achieved a No. 1 tax rating by several tax-friendly rating agencies
  4. Secured a 580 million dollar budget surplus last year
  5. Successfully overrode the majority of Governor Cooper’s veto’s (isn’t this the guy that always says he want to cross the isle)
  6. Stopped his practice of hiring private attorney’s – now must rely on his staff to sue North Carolina (ironic isn’t it?)
  7. Followed the NC Constitution in limiting his appointment powers (he’s got the media, he doesn’t need our help to stack the deck)
  8. Implemented district elections in Asheville and created the potential for balanced representation (7-0 has been fine with those in power)
  9. Saved Asheville’s bacon with a law limiting liability for impact fees collected without specific language in their municipal code
  10. Hit a wall of liberal judges on voter ID law – jumped back on our feet with eyes forward on ways to defeat that artificial impairment
  11. We have the 2nd largest solar footprint in the country behind California – kept this lobby from reaching deeper into our pockets
  12. Under Dems the 2010 K-12 Education Budget was 7 Billion – ours was 8.7 this year and will be 9 next. (who’s the teachers real friend?)
  13. We’ve given teachers 4 consecutive pay raises – they were under an extended drought under the Democratic majority
  14. We have moved from 43rd or so to 15th or so in teacher pay rankings.
  15. Expanded MAHEC funding to the tune of 15.5 million (train our family physicians)
  16. Fully funded K-12 and University system growth projections
  17. 99% of North Carolina citizens got a state tax cut this year!
  18. Embraced responsibility to address long-standing Democratic pattern of habitually under-funding state employee retirement plans/benefits
  19. Intentionally and successfully sought opportunities to active reduce number of full-time state employees.
  20. This one was doubly impressive – we are actively pursuing “the snakes under the rocks” whereby NC’s state bureaucracies waste money, hide budgetary manipulations and otherwise abuse the taxpayer. (it’s called spring cleaning and it’s hard thankless work – thanks!)

Please bear with us if we missed a fact or two as we took notes last night. Let us know if we missed something – more importantly, let your friends know about the good things that happened this year – and thank the Republican ladies and gentleman who made it happen.


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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