It comes as no surprise that we live in a time of strong divisions. The struggle between the left and right is in persistent evidence. Unfortunately, at times, the struggle between the right and right (what we might call traditional Republicans and activist Republicans) is equally evident. It’s important we get on top of that division.

There are many paths to unity, but for 21st century Republicans, there is one standout – our Republican Party Platform.

Have you looked at it lately? Both the state and national versions are extraordinarily clear, moral, mature, realistic, and reasoned. The manner in which Republicans have come together and crafted these remarkable compasses is cause for celebration – and dedication.

Here’s a link to the just refreshed NCGOP Republican Party Platform – consider a quick review.

The Republican Party is fully capable of having unity without uniformity. It’s in three shared mission we find firmest traction-

  1. The relentless pursuit of the solid aspirations found in our Republican Party Platform.
  2. The recognition that we must build on our shared values with more enthusiasm than we fence over our occasional differences.
  3. The awareness that the true and consistent enemies to the future of our country reliably have a (D) after their name – not an (R).

As we face the challenges that lie before us, please remember importance of that word we share at the end of each BCGOP Executive Committee meeting – together. We have to work together to successfully combat the harms of the left. The foundation for that unity is firmly linked the the Republican Party Platform. It’s the dynamic value-driven compass that guides all we do…

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