McHenry Town Hall – you shall know them by their deeds…

Congressman McHenry held his annual Town Hall in the Land of Sky Shrine Club on Tuesday. There were 150+ in attendance. Twenty-two of whom identified as being Republican or holding conservative leanings.

We wish we could say the mission of the majority in attendance was civil discourse. Unfortunately, it went pretty much as Asheville area Town Halls tend to go – an excess of venom, finger gestures, monologues presented as questions, anger, and assumptions offered as facts.

Congressman McHenry took the stage with a positive stance and made a concerted effort to field questions in a respectful manner. The phrase – ‘grace under fire’ comes to mind.

On our end we had a couple of large banners – including the one at the head of this post and this one. We like the content and think you will too. It was our attempt to offer an alternative to the tired old negative narrative of the left –


Thank you for being thoughtfully, productively, maturely and…



We also brought some fans for Congressman McHenry fans. Again, we set our own positive narrative.

It was a good day for our 10th District Congressional Representative. Not an easy day, but a good one. Thanks to everyone – including BCGOP Executive Board Members Bill Lack, Patsy Gardin, Lisa Baldwin and David Shaw – for working hard to be there.

We’ll finish with a quick note on the continued shenanigans of our local daily paper. They offered up the usual front page headlined assignation piece that presented our Congressman as a bad guy and his antagonists as paragons of virtue. The message was predictable – free stuff is good and you are a bad elected official because you will not give it to us. To objective eyes the bias in the reporter’s article was dramatic. Is it possible their shrinking reader pool might be connected to that tiresome liberal bias? We hope so – and that they rethink the slide. Objective media eyes are important to America’s future.

Good and noble people have never been in a majority. That’s part of the reason it’s tough to be a conservative in today’s abnormal world. As our 10th District Congressman demonstrated, it’s OK. Conservatives understand that the counter to crazy is an accelerated dedication to normal…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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