“False words are not only evil in themselves-but they infect the soul with evil.”


Earlier in the summer the Buncombe County Republican Party tendered a friendly challenge to other organized political groups – “We’ll debate you on your turf, in your way and time, and on any subject. Our Chair will sweeten the deal with a $100 contribution to the charity of your choice.”

The mission of this good effort was to step over the malice and open the door to civil and reasoned discourse. We believed our conservative view would stand the scrutiny. There also was some opportunity to challenge the lock of Asheville’s liberal good old boy network.

It worked.

This past Saturday we had our first debate on the resolution that funding should be increased for public education. NC State Senator Jeff Jackson spoke in favor and the BCGOP Chair Carl Mumpower spoke against. It was a solid hour and a half of back and forth and questions and answers among 140 participants, four of whom by the way, were acknowledged Republicans.

Thanks is due to the Buncombe Democratic Party and Vance Elementary school for hosting things.

There are more to come. To date 3 groups variously advocating man-made climate change; legalizing marijuana; and healthcare solutions are in the process of scheduling dates. My wife is equally busy working doubles to pay for the charitable donations.

There are funner ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than a hostile arena armed with nothing more than a few facts and your own wits (limited though they may be).

It was worth it – in spite of the uncomfortable 140 to 4 reality; catcalls and boos; and palatable hostility – it was worth it.

Our local daily was there and we appreciate the effort to shine some light on the event. We also appreciated an evident effort toward fairness in spite of the built-in constraints of liberal bias. Here’s a link to the follow-up article-

It all came down to an opportunity to stand up for truth or please the crowd. Our side got to expose a large group of people to a conservative view on not just one issue, but many. Some left as they came – angry. Others were startled or confused – but some got it. We know that per communications we’re received

If you are a fan of Senator Jackson or a conservative minded opponent looking for gaps in his thinking and approach, you might enjoy this video of the event. It’s a great reveal of the stark difference in the Democrat’s promise ‘something for nothing’ approach to politics and the Republican’s dedication to reality. Here’s a link to the video-

Aren’t you glad you’re on the right side…




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