From the Chair – 11th District Congressman Mark Meadows held his Asheville area Town Hall meeting this past week.

As anticipated, the behavior of many of the attendees was beneath the intended dignity of the event. It can be argued that in an age where access to and from our elected officials is unprecedented, Town Hall meetings have become a dated and even dangerous means of constituent connection. The behavior of some – arguably many – of the participants was widely disrespectful, aggressive, hostile and more devoted to show than helping anyone get in the know.

Though heavily outnumbered amidst the 400+ participants, Freedom Works and the Asheville Tea Party were there in strength. As our partners in good governance, we appreciate their efforts to uphold conservative values and support our Republican elected officials. We are not always on the same mission and methods page, but the overlap is so dramatic as clearly identify these folks as our allies in a common cause – resisting the harms of the progressive-liberal-socialist movement that maintains a strangle hold on our community.

You may recognize that handsome guy on the right as BCGOP Vice-Chair, Bill Lack. On the left side in the grey jacket is equally distinguished 11th District GOP Chair Aubrey Woodard. Our community’s Tea Party champion and NY exported bundle of energy Jane Billello can be found in the blue T-Shirt in the middle.  We are truly partners in good governance…


Town Hall Update!

Congressman Patrick McHenry’s Asheville area Town Hall has been rescheduled for Tuesday August 22 at 2pm, Land of Sky Shrine Club. Please plan to join us – the theme we’re planning to use to counter the anticipated animosities of Brand-X…


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