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I received a call a week or so ago from a reporter for VOX.COM asking for help with a story she had been assigned to do on 11th District Representative Mark Meadows. “Happy to help!” was my initial response and the reporter – Tara Golshan – indicated she would be speaking to me the next day.

In anticipation of that discussion, I did a quick search of VOX.COM and Ms. Golshan to learn more about their mission and methods. With a little time and effort I landed on a simple conclusion – these folks are basically a media version of Murder, Inc. Their agenda is to do just one thing – feed music to the ears of their liberal audience by assassinating Republicans. They use a keyboard instead of a gun.

Ms. Golshan called today in follow-up to our earlier discussion. My response this time was a bit different. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.” “I won’t help you harm a good person – Mark Meadows. You are basically operating as a liberal hit-man masquerading as a journalist – why would I as a Republican Party official want to help you do that? Sorry – no.”

As you might expect, Ms. G took exception to my refusal and assessment of her intentions. “I’ve read your articles Ms. G, all you do with VOX.COM is beat up Republicans.” “There are endless examples, but allow me to pick one. Take that piece you wrote a few weeks back where you quoted the Congressional Budget Office in saying millions of people would lose their healthcare coverage under the Republican plan. You’re a thorough reporter and you intentionally sidestepped the fact that the reason millions would lose their coverage is that under the Republican plan people would no longer be forced to join or be fined. That’s a good thing – a big thing – but you cherry pick the facts Ms. G and it’s unethical journalism. Why would you expect me to help you do that? You seem like a nice person Ms. G and I can hear some heart in that voice – I encourage you to reconsider what you are doing.”

That’s probably not going to happen. Ms. G and VOX.COM see virtue in their one-sided approach to keyboard assassination. I see a betrayal of journalistic ethics and the important role the media plays in keeping the lights on.

So, one other thing is not going to happen. I’m not going to provide aid and comfort to bad guys pretending to be good guys…


The journalistic code of ethics centers on five filters: Truth and Accuracy; Independence; Fairness and Impartiality; Humanity; and Accountability. Most mainstream journalists are satisfied with 2 for 5. Here are Tara’s 10 most recent articles…

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