A Day to Celebrate our Nation’s Blueprint!



Delayed Sunday Post – You’ve probably not heard much in the mainstream media about the significance of today. Those busily trying to dismantle America’s success equation find the U.S. Constitution a bit inconvenient. Thank goodness.

The American majority ascribing to Christian values find great comfort, insight and guidance in what we view as an inspired document – the Bible. By inspired, we mean the words therein transcend the ordinary and reach toward the extraordinary in a way that stands the tests of time and experience. May one suggest our Constitution meets those same tight filters?

The simplicity, balance and wisdom of this document represent a unique blending of agendas that truly creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts. How our Founding Fathers managed to craft such a special blueprint for governance is a wonderful story. There is substantial reason to believe the defeat of so many obstacles required divine intervention that is evidenced in the final product.

And so, though the left – and their various propaganda outlets – will limit Constitutional conversations to grumbling over the limitations it enforces or selectively applying it when it suits their purposes, conservative minded Americans can do something different. We are free to celebrate its inspired impact on our lives and affirm our dedication by refusing to let others destroy it.

Almost every elected office in the land involves an oath of office. Though many just echo the words, there is a reason that this oath is brief and to the point. It centers on promising to uphold our nation’s Constitutional blueprint. There’s a reason for that simplicity – if our elected officials do just that one thing – much of the rest takes care of itself…






Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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