Chair’s note – With a spirit of disagreement vs. malice, the Buncombe County Republican Party fondly tags the opposition (variously called Democrats, progressives, liberals, socialists, social justice warriors, the left, Antifa, closeted communists, etc.) as Brand-X. To the extent they promise much; pretend to cost less (promise of something for nothing); and deliver little – we think the title fits.

ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) stands as perfect example of a Brand-X disappointment. This rushed fantasy was dropped into our laps with great promises of quality care, full access and low costs. To the extent this equation defies all laws of realism, it is in the process of failing – miserably. One is reminded of a teenager with their first credit card – things begin with great promise and fanfare – end with bills and despair.

ObamaCare offers a sharp view into the heart of the Brand-X movement: (1) Seduce voter loyalty with the promise something for nothing (2) With great fanfare and superlatives, craft and launch a program/entitlement/bureaucracy under the pretense of realism (3) When it fails to deliver – blame it on the Republican Party or anything but the fantasy leadership model of Brand-X.

Republicans take another – less sexy – approach. We concentrate on the 4-R’s – reality, reason, responsibility and right. With that equation in mind, we’ve put together a resolution encouraging our Republican elected officials in their effort to craft grounded legislation that attempts to have positive if less than perfect impact on our ObamaCare fueled healthcare crisis. This resolution is in the mail to our representatives in DC. We also wanted to share it with you…


BCGOP Resolution Supporting Repeal of the Affordable Care Act


Whereas: every Republican Senator and Representative currently in office was elected or reelected in whole or in part upon the promise of service in repealing the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

                Whereas: during the Obama presidency, Republican leadership in both houses, on numerous occasions, handily passed ObamaCare repeal bills.

                Whereas: the impulsively crafted ObamaCare system is a source of increasing burden on American citizens; has aggravated our healthcare costs and access crisis; and has dramatically impaired more reasoned and sustainable solutions.

                Whereas: our nation’s conservative voters have secured Republican majority status for Congress and elected a Republican President.  

                Whereas: there is currently no undefeatable obstacle for repealing Obamacare.

                Whereas: the future of the Republican movement will be defined by the success or failure of our elected Republican officials in honoring their promises on this and other issues.

                Whereas: our national and state Republican Party Platforms provide clear and definitive guidance on our Party’s stated approach to addressing our nation’s healthcare issues.

                Whereas: our duly elected President is an active champion of repeal and has earned support for that position.

                Therefore, be it resolved that, the North Carolina 11th Congressional District faces a serious and unnecessary conflict of interest with nationally elected Republican officials who have yet to exhaust their efforts to fulfill their assurances toward timely ObamaCare repeal.

                Be it further resolved that, the North Carolina 11th Congressional District will directly, respectfully and privately raise our concerns with any respective Republican official in our District who does not honor their expressed commitment to bring closure to the egregious intrusions of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

                Be it further resolved that, we are united in the belief that the coverage and costs of healthcare coverage for all of our national representatives directly reflect the costs and provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) or replacement legislation.

                Be it further resolved that, this resolution will be provided to all 11th District County Executive Committees for their consideration.

                Be it further resolved that, this resolution will be publicly communicated.

                Be it further resolved that, we respectfully request that our Republican elected officials do not rest until they have completed the task of reversing the harms of ObamaCare. We further ask that you forgo adjournment of your current session until such time as this issue is resolved in a constructive fashion.

Adopted August 28, 2017 by the Buncombe County Republican Party



Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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