Each month the Chair of the BCGOP selects a volunteer (or as in this case, group of volunteers) to receive our Silver Eagle Award. It’s given for exemplary service, contribution or example. This month’s recipients include Dorothea Alderfer, Patsy Gardin, Don Yelton and Linda Humphries – BCGOP volunteers who dramatically contributed to this year’s success in recruiting Republican precinct chairs, election officials and poll workers. Their endless calls, contacts and time and energy investments helped us lay a strong foundation for upcoming elections.

This is ‘rubber meets the road’ stuff – it’s not exciting and it doesn’t get much attention, but what they helped us achieve is the foundation of what a county Republican Party organization is all about.

Please echo our thanks to these good folks for their work on the TRAINING FOR ACTION COMMITTEE. They are the face for a much larger group of unheralded contributors who also deserve our thanks!

Carl Mumpower, Chair

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