9-11 will long be etched in our minds as a epic day of marked contrasts. In 2001, we all had a front row seat to a stark collision between darkness and light, hate and love, malice and courage. Time has marked the victims, the vanquished and the victors. First Responder Day is devoted to the latter – the men and women who stepped toward the dangers to help over harm.

Last year North Carolina’s Republican legislators commendably championed First Responder Day. It’s well earned and a partial counter to the animosity they face in today’s upside down world.

At our last Executive Committee meeting the issue came up of how we might best honor Buncombe County’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and others who work to protect and serve. Two of our able body – Dianne Bartlett and Gloria Michael stepped up with an idea – ‘Let’s put a slice of cake, a cupcake or similar touch of sweetness into the hands of every First Responder in our county on Monday, 9-11.

That suggestion was embraced and a committee was formed to bring it to life. Time was a press and we didn’t get things to exactly the place we wanted, but our quietly conservative bunch did do this – reach out to 80+% of the First Responders in our community!

Kathy R. at Enka Candler!

Here’s a quick list (apologies if we overlooked anyone) of the Executive Committee members, Republican volunteers, family members and others who donated, delivered or otherwise made it happen.

Dorothea Alderfer, Sylvia Arrowwood, Lisa Baldwin, Dianne Bartlett, Mary Anne Braine, Tom Braine, Stephanie Buckner, Betty Budd, Liz Budd, Brenda Ford, Patsy Gardin, Jerry Green, Iva Green, Pat Hair, Ken Hawkins, Linda Humphries, Melody Koebernik, Laura McCue, Gloria Michael, Carl Mumpower, Lisa Mumpower, Nancy Nesbitt, Robin Ramsey, Kathy Rhodhamer, Lenny Rogers, Eva Stewart, Pam Stewart, Jim Steward, Don Yelton

Brenda Ford at West Asheville

Special thanks to Dianne and Gloria for getting this ball rolling in a good direction! That’s them in the picture up top.

On behalf of the BCGOP, each of the above were a strong part of our reaching out to say THANKS to the men and women that are so often taken for granted in the midst of our community’s culture of confusion. We’re not confused – we who live as ‘quiet conservatives’ know that our First Responders are at the top of the list. Next year we will be sure to make sure we tell them all…

Summer’s smile makes it worthwhile!

Don Yelton in Woodfin


One of Dianne’s bits of sweetness…










The best way to kill weeds is to grow good grass!




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