Dear Executive Board,

Earlier today Member-at-Large Jerry Rice dropped off a kind card, a beautiful MUM and this delicious basket full of raw material for several country meals. My wife is already planning it out.

Thank you Jerry – this was very thoughtful. To the extent I am not accustomed to kind words or actions from either side of the political spectrum, I had to sit down for a minute. If absolutely necessary, I believe I can adjust to this kind of thing but it will take time.

With your permission I am taking liberties with Jerry’s consideration and implementing a formal policy whereby the Chair (present or future) receives a weekly basket or card or other kind gesture – sort of like the ‘Jelly of the Month Club’ except more often. I’ll be sending out a signup sheet real soon.

Less there be contention, I have followed procedure on this new policy. The BCGOP’s Super Secret Executive Board Illuminati Shadow Committee has approved the policy unanimously.

The BCGOP Plan of Organization will be modified accordingly.

Carl Mumpower

Would our Secretary please pass this Ex. Board note on to our Executive Committee-

“The best way to contain weeds is to grow good grass…and vegetables.”

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