The Left Likes to Pretend Normal Doesn’t Exist – They’re Extremely Wrong…


One of the keys to this century’s success of the imploding liberal-progressive-socialist movement has been their clever misuse of language. Examples include the use of the word ‘progressive’ as a substitute for the word ‘socialist,’ ‘zealot’ for ‘Christian’, ‘gay’ for ‘homosexual’, ‘safe zone’ for ‘2nd Amendment antagonism’, ‘hate’ for ”disagreement’ and – last but not least – ‘extremist’ for NORMAL.

The mission is simple – if one can seize the language one can control the narrative and thus manipulate the culture.

Conservatives have been far too passive with this nonsense. For affirmation of such, ask yourself what would happen if we had a time machine and suggested to the Greatest Generation that forcing men into female bathrooms was a form of ‘social justice?’ It wouldn’t be good.

The Bell Curve is a time-tested means to illustrating normal. Under almost all circumstances, the natural laws of nature persistently operate on a principle of self-correction that is biased toward a standard of normal.

Example – A super acorn crop leads to an overpopulation of deer. That in turn leads to close proximity which creates a herd thinning epidemic or a situation where next years less than stellar acorn crop leads to starvation. In either case, the herd is thinned back to normal.

The left would have us believe there is no normal as surely as they would have us believe there is no God or progress without government. That narrative serves their agenda. Here’s a hint – it’s got far more to do with power and vanity than love and enlightenment.

The Bell Curve is easily abused and the left does it by pretending that conservatives are extremists. Ironically, they do that because they are extremists trying to subvert our culture’s sense of normal. Again, think of the values and norms of what we call the ‘Greatest Generation’ and then reflect on the normal the left is trying to sell us today. Who’s sense do you think has best stood the test of time and experience?

President Trump didn’t win because he was charming, handsome, predictable, safe or consistent. He won because a majority of Americans – Democrats and Independents as surely as Republicans – are still conservative thinkers and like the idea of functioning normally.

Note that normally doesn’t mean perfectly.  We’re all humans, but thank goodness some of us try harder than others.

That point brings us to our last point – the next time a naive left-minded antagonist tries to sell you on the silly idea there is no normal, reflect on the occasional lapses that we all face in our digestive process. Somewhere between diarrhea and constipation is the place we call normal. That’s where conservatives live. Where does the left hang out? Well, let’s just say we Republicans seized this narrative…



Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save




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