One of the most hard pressed minorities in Asheville are millennial conservatives.

In a city of intolerables, we want to help the deplorables come out of the closet…



Living in a hotbed of liberal conformity, conservatives – young as surely as old – routinely find themselves functioning within a very limited range of options – anger, surrender or being ‘quietly conservative.’ The Buncombe County Republican Party is interested in each of these groups, but wants to specifically reach out to that last one. There are a lot of ‘Quiet Conservatives’ in Asheville!

The Angry Conservative

Rightfully indignant with the absurdities of the left, betrayals of the right, and dysfunctions of about every other political group, these conservative thinkers operate in the open mostly as disenfranchised cyber-warriors. Often equally antagonistic to Republicans or Democrats, their change agent model tracks largely to criticism, confrontation, and hostility. That none of these tools has any track record for affecting change in others gets lost in the dedication to principle filtered through passion. Angry Conservatives forget that hate makes us like those we hate and anger has much more to do with motion than action. These folks are often isolated until they come together around something they can attack. It’s not that angry conservatives don’t have a right to be angry or that they don’t have real things to be angry about. It’s just that building good things in a crazy world isn’t that easy…

The Surrendered Conservative

These are conservatives who have been so discouraged for so long that they have politically shut down. Sort of like many of the unemployed during the recent economic meltdown who never went back to work. These folks mostly don’t vote and have succumbed to the notion that conservative action is futile and conservative values are a thing of the past. Liberals love to encourage conservatives to surrender for the same reason Hormel likes their cows in a corral.

The Quiet Conservative

Quiet conservatives are not the same thing as indifferent conservatives. In Asheville these are people – young and old – who recognize they are surrounded by mocking, antagonistic, bullying liberal intolerables who punish anyone who thinks outside their box. Quiet conservatives care, but they don’t necessarily know how to turn that concern to action. They may or may not vote, and most keep a low profile when they do. Quiet conservatives in Asheville are often politically lonely – their connections are more likely to be talking heads on Fox News or the internet than real fellow Asheville conservatives. These men and women are not interested in duplicating the angry, critical model of the left.

We are thinking out ways to reach out to Quiet Conservatives and help them have a safe place in Asheville. It’s just one of our numerous incubating minority outreach efforts. You can look for more. We welcome your help as we reach a little higher.

Oh yes, and would you mind keeping this a secret? We wouldn’t want the intolerables to know their are a big bunch of deplorables doing their ‘Quietly Conservative’ thing in cool, green Asheville…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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