7-0 = a bad equation


From the Chair – The picture above is of the current members of the Asheville City Council. They are smiling. One of the reasons they are smiling is they are of like political persuasion and are in total control. Every member of this happy group leans to the left or far left. Every single one.

Together, they have turned city hall into a liberal safe place. The absence of anything remotely akin to a conservative voice has insulated them from meaningful challenge, budgetary constraint or diversity of thought. The opposition within this governing body is restricted to what toppings they put on their shared ice cream preference – vanilla.

The long-standing 7-0 reality on Asheville’s governing body is a masterful and successfully hidden version of a Berkley campus ‘safe zone.” Aided and abetted by mainstream media outlets and complacent voters, these 7 folks have secured a conforming super-majority with an assured future. They are safe. We aren’t.

Into this mix rode former state Senator Tim Moffitt. He commendably got the ball rolling on the possibility of inserting some balance into Asheville’s governing body. Senator Tom Apodaca then picked up district election potentials and pressed forward with matching dedication right up to the point of his retirement.

Fast forwarding to earlier in the year. State Senator Chuck Edwards embraced the challenge and the need and successfully navigated a minefield of obstacles to get district elections passed for Asheville. “Bravo” was the cry of those who see balanced representation as cornerstone of our governance model. “Foul” was the cry of those who talk benevolence and walk power in an addictive dependence on 7-0.

Though the district elections law is in place for Asheville, the city’s liberal council is attempting to undermine that effort by placing the subject on the ballot. In a city where an average of 15% of eligible voters go to the polls and the progressive community is super organized in turning out their voting block, the outcome is preordained – without your help.

Going forward we will be talking more about the leftist “SAFE ZONE” that our greedy 7-0 city council is working hard to preserve. In the interim, you can help. Please encourage your friends and any Asheville voter you know to say “No” to the council’s monopoly by saying “Yes” to district elections.

It doesn’t matter if one is a conservative who wants representation on city government or a liberal who has an authentic dedication to balance and diversity of thought, 7-0 = a bad equation. To impair this council’s smile, we need voters to come out and voice their opposition to the mission of sustaining an eternal liberal governance cartel. Please help us get the word out. Voters can do their part in November by checking one word on the ballot addressing district elections-



to stop the

Monopoly [n. mə-ˈnä-p(ə-)lē] Exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action

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