From the Chair – Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams just dismissed charges on the 4 people originally charged with vandalizing the Robert E. Lee Memorial on Pack Square. From the picture above (many thanks to Chad Nesbitt for having the foresight to use a drone to make the shot) it is clear their was an organized conspiracy to do harm to physical property and purposefully conceal the action. They were stopped by an alert officer before they could complete their crowbar aided mission. Every one there should have been charged, and here’s the state statue that applies –  

14-288.2.  Riot; inciting to riot; punishments.  (a)        A riot is a public disturbance involving an assemblage of three or more persons which by disorderly and violent conduct, or the imminent threat of disorderly and violent conduct, results in injury or damage to persons or property or creates a clear and present danger of injury or damage to persons or property. (b)        Any person who willfully engages in a riot is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. (c)        Any person who willfully engages in a riot is guilty of a Class H felony, if: (1)        In the course and as a result of the riot there is property damage in excess of fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500) or serious bodily injury; or (2)        Such participant in the riot has in his possession any dangerous weapon or substance. (d)       Any person who willfully incites or urges another to engage in a riot, so that as a result of such inciting or urging a riot occurs or a clear and present danger of a riot is created, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. (e)        Any person who willfully incites or urges another to engage in a riot, and such inciting or urging is a contributing cause of a riot in which there is property damage in excess of fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500) or serious bodily injury, shall be punished as a Class F felon.

The four people originally charged were Hillary Brown, 30; Amy Cantrell, 35; Adrienne Sigmon, 34; and Nicole Townsend, 27. All are Asheville residents. Here’s a link to the C-T article on the dismissals – please click here.

Their punishment for doing $4,000+ in damages to a public monument? Dismissed charges – community service at a pet shelter – and no restitution for the damage. They get away with a gross violation of the law and city tax payers fund the frivolity.

Please keep in mind that the authorities had this picture in hand the day of the event. They ignored it. Here’s a link to the BCGOP’s earlier story on this vandalism and anticipated action by the authorities – please click here.

To add insult to injury, in the same week the charges were dismissed, one of the participants – Amy Cantrell (a Presbyterian minister?) – received a $5,000 grant from Buncombe County tax payers to help homeless people “in being leaders and creating economic opportunities.”  May we raise the question on how role modeling plays a part in constructive social change efforts?

Here’s the C-T link to that story – please click here.

As a final note, all of the grant recipients noted by name in the announcement from Buncombe County are registered as Democrats or Independents – and four – Julio Tordoya, Leonel Gutierrez, Mirian Porras, and Bruno & Hinojosa are not registered voters. Awkward?

The grants are a by-product of an action that was passed 7-0 by our County Commissioners on February 17th. The specific grant recipients were then delegated to a committee.

Without bashing anyone, may we, in a quietly conservative way, make just one more point? Here’s an exert from the NCGOP platform on how best to economically uplift all our citizens.

“1. Recognizing that wealth creation is the product of human enterprise, the free enterprise system is the most effective and just economic system in the world. It creates opportunity, rewards self-reliance and hard work, and unleashes productivity that other societies can only imagine. It is an engine of charity, making America the most philanthropic nation on earth. Government should encourage honest, productive work through elimination of both gratuitous regulations and excessive taxation. 2. Economic freedom is essential to human liberty and dignity. It preserves the inherent right to liberty and ownership of private property. To protect this inherent right, government must provide an environment for individual initiative and enterprise. We support encouraging economic growth through reduced regulation and taxation, and we oppose
corporate welfare. 3. Government should tax only to raise money for its constitutional functions. We support a thorough review of expenditures each year, and we support a taxpayer’s bill of rights. We support the continuation of reforming the tax code to encourage economic growth that moves toward a system that taxes the broadest possible base of economic activity at the lowest possible rates”

Please note it contains no language suggesting that robbing one set of pockets to fill those of select individuals or special interest groups is a good thing. Events this week reveal all the more why keeping taxpayer money in their own pockets is the Republican way.

We will continue to encourage our elected officials toward that equation of ‘reality, reason, responsibility and right.’ We appreciate your patience and help as we press on quietly, persistently and positively.

P.S. – “The county said it may give more grants in January if funding is available…”


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save



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