Chair’s note – The BCGOP Executive Committee had a great meeting this past Monday. We appreciate the good folks at J&S Cafeteria for the wonderful meal and setting! What did we get done in an hour and a half? Well, here’s a quick list –

  1. Appointed eight new officers, precinct chairs, committee chairs, etc.
  2. Solidified our P-4 (promises, principles & platform – positively) on candidate support (this one is going to rock our world)
  3. Two of our precinct chairs (Sylvia Arrowood & Lenny Rogers) shared their unique personal experiences and a portion of our party platform (a monthly endeavor) – impressive!
  4. Started the process of getting behind our Republican candidate for Sheriff – Shad Higgins
  5. Locked in our new Finance Committee and Chair – Anita Metcalf
  6. Laid some groundwork for a holiday plan for supporting our first responders.
  7. Affirmed the Chair’s plan to start a social action/watchdog committee – our first target – Kratom
  8. Highlighted this month’s success in reaching out to 200+ newly registered Rep. and other potential Republicans!
  9. The chair gave this month’s Silver Eagle award to Patsy Gardin – much deserved!
  10. We cemented a minority outreach committee – the Chair, Pratik Bhakta and Melody Koebernik – we’re serious!
  11. We had discussion on how we wanted to respond to the 7-0 governance monopoly in Asheville.

There was lots more – and importantly, we were positive, supportive and had fun! That’s a big part of our mission – making being a volunteer with the GOP rewarding, positive and pleasant.

But that’s not the topic is it? Wasn’t there supposed to be something about us endorsing an Asheville City Council candidate? Let me see, it’s not in this folder. Nothing in this file. That pile didn’t reveal anything either. What the heck happened?

Oh yes, now I remember! We aren’t endorsing anybody in the Asheville City Council election. In fact, if you’re a conservative, you only have one reason to vote at all – but it’s an important one.

There are no Republicans to recommend. There are no conservatives running – and everyone who is running is a progressive-liberal-socialist of one flavor or another. Though everyone else in town seems comfortable with the left’s 7-0 monopoly, we aren’t.

The only issue for conservative minded people in Asheville to vote on in the November 7th election is the referendum on district elections. That vote should be a simple – YES.

If you have the chance to read the referendum, hire an attorney to decipher if for you. The language sounds like a committee of retired IRS auditors pulled it together. Have you ever had a letter from the IRS that you could understand? Well, this will be Déjà vu.

Asheville’s progressives have had a 7-0 lock on our city council for almost 10 years – a 6-1 lock for four years before that – and a 5-2 lock for the four years before that. Since the turn of this century they have been in persistent control of city governance. Is there anyone who needs information on why a 7-0 monopoly is not a good thing?

Is the B.C.G.O.P going to endorse any of the current city council candidates? No. Do we encourage all Republicans, unaffiliated voters and others who believe in balanced neighborhood representation to make one mark on the ballot? Yes – absolutely – and it should be a Y-E-S in support of district elections.

In two years we are hopeful we can offer a city council candidate endorsement. Your action in the upcoming election will lay the groundwork for that opportunity!


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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