From the chair – Kneeling NFL players are claiming the moral high ground in their right to protest during the National Anthem.

Their license to kneel tracks to one much repeated word – unity.

“We’re not going to let this President threaten our players.” is validated as a form of team unity. “We’re protesting the abuse of our brothers by the police.” is permitted as racial unity.

OK – as Republicans we get the importance of unity.  What we don’t get is why the NFL is so selective in where they chose to apply it.

Team unity is fine, but is that a concept for the field of play or as a protest collaboration during our National Anthem?

In terms of racial unity, isn’t that a closet version of racism? Aren’t we mostly united in trying to get away from practices framed on the basis of color?

The NFL gets unity – but they clearly don’t get where it matters most – around our flag, our culture’s core values, and the preservation of America’s unique success equation.

In response, a growing chorus of voices are marking their resistance. We’re stepping away from those who, though extraordinary beneficiaries of the American Dream, are comfortable in trivializing and mocking our country.

Movie stars, musicians and ball players have one thing in common – they are all entertainers. We look to them for entertainment, not political or social enlightenment, and are voting our weariness by walking away.

Most of us don’t want to. We like football as one of the ever dwindling places where men get to be men and uninsured moments are celebrated versus condemned.

Thankfully there are signals the NFL is beginning to feel the consequences of their actions. They are considering taking steps to assure that protests are a personal right practiced on a player’s time – not our time.

Let it be said that we agree with those who declare the importance of unity – but we do so with pause.

We wonder if the NFL, their players and a whole lot of other people have reached a point of self-absorption whereby they have lost sight of where it matters most.

We assert our belief that protests are not appropriate during our National Anthem. That’s a time best reserved for celebrating unity around the one sure thing we all have in common – the blessed opportunity to live in the United States of America

Update – On 10-18-17 the NFL announced they would not reconsider their rules on player protests during games. Thankfully they will continue to enforce restrictions on celebratory end zone activities. In that NFL players are being given a license to kneel, National Anthem supporters remain free to continue protesting the NFL…


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