The 11th District is Represented by the New Model of Conservatism


Chair’s note – Congressman Mark Meadows is a unique political figure. He’s so unique that one is tempted to suggest that when he was built, God “broke the mold.” But that’s not true. In fact, it would be the Buncombe County Republican Party’s suggestion he’s the new mold for a brand of conservatism that is going to change America.

Mark Meadows is pulling off something that very few national politicians are able to do – stand for core values (conservative through and through) and do so with style, wit, courtesy and maturity. To our knowledge, no one on the national scene is crafting that recipe with anything close to his consistency and authenticity.

We can all understand why that’s appealing. Let’s talk about why it’s crucial.

We live in a land more at odds than at any time in the past 150 years. It can also be argued this “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” reality is occurring in a period of unprecedented violence and vulnerability from international sources. There is great danger in our growing antagonism toward our fellow Americans.

Congressman Meadows represents a new breed of a principle driven politician who can stand for something and do it nicely.  He doesn’t attack those who attack him; he doesn’t personally insult others; and he doesn’t demonize the opposition.

What he does do, is quietly disagree on the basis of facts; maturely challenge those with who he disagrees; and effectively demonstrate the appealing differences in thinking between our conservative view and those on the left.

In contrast, note the approach that so many of our politicians take to public service. Here are some of the models that have contributed to the growing racial, political, age and economic separation that characterizes 21st century America –

1)      Run and talk on one set of principles/values and serve and vote on another.

2)      Pursuing office as an avenue to power, popularity and personal prosperity over public service.

3)      Confusing accommodation and principle surrender with stewardship.

4)      Embracing the need to please over the need to stand for something people can count on.

5)      Personally attacking your opponent versus debating your opponent on facts.

Congressman Meadows stands as a strong exception to these misguided approaches – and he is amazingly consistent in upholding his promises and our party’s principles and platform in positive fashion. He represents a new model of public service that holds extraordinary potential to unite and inspire.

For those looking for a better way, here are three recent links demonstrating our 11th District Representative’s special touch-





Thanks for this opportunity to raise awareness of this “Quietly Conservative” Asheville resident. Please, share the link with your friends. He’s special…



Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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