“We can’t get to good places with bad means.”


From the chair –  This past August (five months into the new leadership group) the Buncombe County Executive Committee unanimously approved a new “Elected Official Support Policy.” We charted our course and charged a committee with the responsibility for implementation. It was a great start.

Since then we’ve fallen flat on our face and the buck stops with the BCGOP chair.

More on that later, but first a quick update on what we’re talking about. Here’s a quick link to our previous post on this effort followed by a 1,2,3 summary of the how and what of what we have come to call our “P-4” program-


Link – An elephant you can count on – Our new approach!”


The “P-4 Elected Official Support Policy” can be summed up as-

  1. Finding middle ground between “they do no wrong” and “get rid of them” extremes that polarize our party, alienate volunteers and feed division within our party.
  2. Apply a 3-1 focus on what our elected Republican officials do right over what they do wrong – you can’t effectively raise concerns unless you give strong attention to what’s right and what’s working.
  3. Apply recognition in public fashion – raise concerns privately in respectful fashion – accountability w/o hostility.
  4. Assign a volunteer to monitor the voting record/service model of our elected officials – the chair, for example, was charged with monitoring President Trump.
  5. The focus – track each elected official’s sincerity to their stated promises and our party’s stated principles and platform and do so in positive fashion.


For most of our leadership team initial enthusiasm toward endorsement, commitment and action has faded to resistance, antagonism or indifference. Sound familiar?

That’s on leadership and first and foremost on the guy with the keys. I have failed to make our P-4 program work – and it matters.

In a fallen world, good things never come easy. That includes trying to find (1) ‘a third way’ unifying approach to our responsibilities and (2) a constructive means to making sure the Republican Party walks its talk and stands for values people can count on. That’s the only way we can come together toward the important mission of countering the real enemy – the progressive-liberal-socialist movement busily undoing our culture and America’s exceptional success equation.*

What to do? Let go of the rope – but use the P-4 program as a model by staying positive. Effective immediately, I’m shutting down the P-4 program and resetting in as the P-5 program. The BCGOP’s mission is now to uphold the promises and our party’s stated principles and platform and do so in positive and persistent fashion.

I have failed. We’re going to try again, but not until we have 6 volunteers willing to give the effort an hour or two a week.

The buck stops with the chair – but the P-5 program is a team sport. Got my six?

Update – We have two of our six – Gloria Michael, Patsy Gardin and ____________________? Grateful!


*The American Success Equation: Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

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