Earlier Brand-X success would have made sure there was no good guy with a gun in Texas


Chair’s note – Once again a bad guy with a gun has translated personal hate into violence and murder. Once again a good guy with a gun was there to stop him. Once again Brand-X has chosen to focus on taking the good guy’s gun away as a solution.

That bad guys will also find a weapon or way to do harm clearly doesn’t matter to anti-gun zealots. Last week’s use of a truck to mow down unarmed New Yorkers clearly doesn’t matter to anti-gun zealots.

Fortunately, to the majority of American’s who support the 2nd Amendment’s and the right and means to self-protection – it does matter.

This Constitutionally enforced liberty is very much on the minds of conservatives who filter their world view through realism versus emotionalism. We understand that the Republican Party remains the only viable constraint on the left’s clear mission of dismantling the 2nd Amendment; disarming law abiding citizens; and thus making our world even more dangerous.

For a quick take on our view, look no further than the NC Republican Party Platform found under the ‘Values’ section of the BCGOP web site. Here’s a specific sub-section that addresses the issue at hand –


North Carolina Republican Party Platform

Article III – Individual Liberty

Section 5. The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. We support the constitutional ownership, sale, purchase and carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Further, we support reducing the number of “gun-free zones”. Gun owners have a right to confidentiality. Personal information acquired by government agencies for gun purchases and permitting should be available to law enforcement for investigative purposes only and not for public record.


That’s it – the Republican position is short and sweet. It’s about supporting the natural right of law-abiding citizens to the means of effective self-defense. The left? Per usual, the seek to disarm the good guys while they empower the bad guys.

Sunday’s horrific tragedy has many lessons. We suggest these –


  • Life is precious – celebrate that gift and use it wisely.
  • Bad guys are out there and they wish even the innocent harm.
  • Citizen good guys are the most likely first responders to violence.
  • Government bureaucracy is persistently inept at stopping gun criminals
  • Most mass shooters are mentally ill, on medication and/or known by the authorities.
  • Thank goodness we live in the only nation on earth where law-abiding citizens are legally armed.
  • Why, as the world grows more dangerous, people will naturally become more conservative.



REPUBLICANS – You know, the folks who still believe in the word normal –
and in supporting the only political movement capable of countering those who don’t…

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