There are a host of reasons independent thinkers support District Elections for Asheville…


Today is the day for municipal elections in Asheville. We wish we could offer recommendations on a conservative minded candidate, but that’s not an option. No matter what the outcome of today’s election, we will once again have a 7-0 left minded monopoly governing our city.

That’s not a good thing – anywhere – anytime – and its one of the reasons the BCGOP was out last night posting “YES” for District Elections signs at all of our city’s precincts. We were delighted to play our small part with other partners in good governance who see 7-0 as bad math.

That blurry late night picture above has Bill Lack and Alex Maddox doing their thing with the chair in the West Asheville area. Following are BCGOP volunteers including Treasurer Angela Phillips, Bill Gainer, Secretary Linda Humphries, and Bill Whitehead (not pictured volunteers include Ken Hawkins, Diane Bartlett, Gloria Michael and Patsy Gardin) doing their part to give voters food for thought on this important municipal issue. In a world of a lot of people who lend their voice – we reserve our greatest respect for those who apply their hands.

These folks were working hard to do their part to counter the passive support for a 7-0 governance model that – in normal times with normal media watchdog protocols – would be roundly challenged. When is 7-0 ever considered a good equation for representative governance?

If you are planning to vote in Asheville today but don’t have a candidate to support, please step forward anyway and cast your opinion in support of District Elections. Here’s why –

  • Campaign costs will be significantly reduced
  • Each district will have an elected representative to represent their interests
  • 90% of NC’s largest cities have district elections
  • 78% of registered Asheville voters do not participate – district elections will increase turnout
  • Having multiple angles of political view are a crucial component of accountable representative government

Local media outlets are comfortable with  enabling a 7-0 Asheville governance model. We shouldn’t be. By putting the District Election issue to a local vote controlled by the same folks who have constructed this lock on city affairs, they are assuring that their power will be preserved. We think that hypocrisy is a shameful foundation for corruption in our community.


“Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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