“If you think Independence Day is America’s defining holiday,

think again. Thanksgiving deserves that title, hands-down.”

Tony Snow


From the chair – It will come as no surprise that in today’s America the deeper values of Thanksgiving are at risk. This unique American celebration of blessings deserves something better. May we suggest conservative minded people are not powerless to resist the slide?

Thanksgiving’s degradation is not solely because we don’t care – most of us do. It’s more like we’re so busy caring about so many things that some things get lost. Even important things – like Thanksgiving.

It need not be so. In the land of liberty we remain in primary control of our priorities and individual initiative stands as our best source of personal impact.

Those wishing to preserve a tradition of ‘thanks giving’ have an easy jump off point – resetting our holiday auto-pilot.

Consider a list of words commonly associated with Thanksgiving – turkey (of course), football, family, pumpkin pie, cranberries, travel, nippy weather, and black Friday are a few. Note how many of these associations have even a remote connection to giving thanks.

Under the the priorities noted, it’s very easy for Thanksgiving to become just another work holiday flavored with unique  culinary and entertainment opportunities. Gratitude on Thanksgiving – ironically – is easily lost amidst all the bounty we enjoy.

It’s a counter-intuitive notion, but like most good things in life, appreciation takes work. It requires a conscious investment of time and energy. Down deep many of us are grateful, but unless we dig it out, our appreciation sits in the darkness.

Consider the sun. Most of us are so busy doing things under its light, that we rarely ponder the fact that without it we wouldn’t be doing anything.

It’s not necessary that we worship the sun, but a little mental note of thanks for its gifts isn’t a bad idea. That’s because being thankful – an attitude of gratitude – has hidden value.

Here’s a short list (all are research based) —

Appreciation for our blessings makes us – happier, more likeable, healthier, more effective at work, more mentally healthy, of deeper character, more optimistic, less materialistic, more spiritual, stronger in self-respect, sleep better, less self-absorbed, more mature, likely to live longer, more energetic, more active, more resilient, less depressed, more relaxed, friendlier, more intimate, more efficient, more effective, more decisive and more productive.

That’s a lot of good things coming out of one word- T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G!

If you’re a conservative thinker who’s concerned about our drifting connection with this special day, resolve to keep your eye on the ball – giving thanks for your blessings – in word, deed and prayer.

Then relax and enjoy that bonus of a feast, a family and a little football…




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