From the Chair – One of the prime directives of the BCGOP is to stop this –

And thus lay the foundation for more of this –

Last night (Monday, November 27th) saw our Executive Committee members coming together is exemplary fashion! Here’s a quick list of some of what we accomplished in an hour and a half…

  • Committed to Lt. Governor Dan Forest – or should we say he committed to us – for our Lincoln-Reagan Dinner!
  • Committed to providing 11 (for the 11th District!) bell ringer Christmas volunteers for the Salvation Army!
  • Affirmed the American Success Equation Contest for next year with Andrew Brooks as our Chair
  • Affirmed a specific plan to press on with our very successful Reverse Walk program efforts
  • Developed a candidate development committee to be Chaired by Mark Crawford
  • Committed to a mentoring program
  • Committed to working with two student Republicans to start Republican clubs in their schools
  • Reaffirmed our commitment to our candidate support program – (we still need a 1-2 hour commitment from 4 more)
  • Got to see the new Biltmore fund raising basket ($400 value) put together by our Secretary and received commitments from EVERY Executive Committee member in attendance with a promise to sell 5! (This can raise us $3,000)
  • Affirmed Minority Outreach program and defined action plan – already moving
  • Committed $250 in matching funds to UNC-A Republicans for a major speaker at UNC-A this winter.
  • Affirmed a letter to Buncombe Commission Chair praising their expansion of public comment program.
  • Finance Committee Chairman Anita Metcalf grabbed the reins and is planning some good things!
  • And more – much more!

Our batting record of a quorum for each meeting was reached again in spite of Thanksgiving overlap and the snow storm (I had that last one as back-up in case we didn’t make it – the snow storm went around us…) We were especially pleased with the positive, supportive and creative spirit that characterized participation by all who attended. Speaking of attendance – here’s a quick list of Executive Committee members who graced our doors – and there were others!

Bill Lack, Lisa Baldwin, Linda Humphries, Angela Phillips, Andrew Brooks, Tim Elkin, David Shaw, Patsy Gardin, Anita Metcalf, Bill Gainer, Mary Jean Burgin, Ron Burgin, Bill Porter, Ken Hawkins, Pat Hair, Betty Budd, Laura Bowen, Tom VanSlambrouck, Mark Crawford, Sylvia Arrowood, Don Yelton, Melody Koebernik and Lenny Rogers

We’re grateful for everyone who came – and how each and every person worked to serve our common BCGOP mission of being positive, united, creative, considerate and productive!


Why be a Republican? Because we get the American Success Equation –

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity!

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