Volunteers Stepping Up to Help at Christmas!

From the chair – You may not have noticed, but shopping retailer Belks made a decision this year to stop sponsoring the Salvation Army due to their faith-based charity status. That’s more common than you might imagine. It’s amazing how many  businesses, colleges and charities that are antagonistic to conservative values are supported by…conservatives.

The BCGOP decided to compensate a bit by volunteering to cover two full days at the Asheville Sam’s Club (please note their continued support for the Salvation Army’s mission). Today is the second day – you’ll find a BCGOP rep there all day long. Please say hi and thank them for doing a little bit toward “Keeping America Great.’

Pictured at the top are Friday volunteers Linda Humphries and her grandson Magnus. Also pictured on Friday are Melody Kobernik and her father Robin Morris on the left and Stephanie and Tom Vanslambrouck on the right. Thanks to everyone who helped!

More folks will be on the job today!

Merry Christmas!

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