…and light up the night for their New Year!

From the chair – In an upside down culture, it’s tough on everyone who’s engaged in keeping things tipped toward reality and reason. Those charged with public safety – Peace Officers – Emergency Services Workers – Firefighters – face a double dose of challenges. The past few years have been especially tough. Nothing of the hand of man is perfect, but the movement to portray these good guys in the same light as the bad guys has been inflated and insincere. We believe our First Responders deserve something better from the majority of Americas who are grateful for their service. And so, Buncombe County’s 45,000 Republicans and our partners in good governance are planning something…

When:  Monday, January 1st – 2018, 6:00-6:10

Who:  Everyone who wishes to send a message of support to our First Responders

Where:  Your front porch

What:  At the appointed hour, rain or shine, we are asking First Responder supporters to grab their flashlight – go out on the porch – turn that light on and point it up – and hold it there while offering a personal prayer for their safety and morale in the coming year.

That’s it – five minutes of your time to say thank you. It’s enough.

We’re planning some other things but this is the part where everyone can contribute with a minimum of fuss and intrusion. We need your help to make sure our First Responders can look up at the sky at six and see that they matter – lots. We’ve ‘got their six.’

Get that flashlight ready!

At 6:00 on January 1st, you can shine a bright light in support of those who keep us safe in a dark world.

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