Tax Vote Seals Victory for Our President – Our Party – Our People – and Pencils!


From the chair – The Buncombe County Republican Party wants to take a moment to highlight something that doesn’t happen very often – your government just had its hand slapped. The success of the slim Republican majorities in the House and Senate and our President in coming together to pass a sweeping federal tax cut is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to their collective conservative efforts, two important things have happened – Uncle Sam’s ravenous appetites for reaching into our pockets and spending our money carelessly have been impaired. For everyone but those who prefer big government over big people, these are really good things.

Republicans like another equation – good government over big government. We don’t always hit the mark, but at least we have the right target.

This tax cut does a lot of good things, but we thought we’d give you a quick list to use when the Brand-X guy in the grocery line starts complaining about ‘those Republicans beating up on the little man’-

  1. The percentage of taxpayers needing to itemize deductions is estimated to fall from 30% to 6%.
  2. A lower corporate tax that will translate to stronger world competitiveness and echoed economic impact.
  3. The status for lower incomes people did not change – they mostly don’t pay federal taxes anyway.
  4. Tuition and student load interest deductions may be deductible.
  5. Mortgage interest deductions are capped at a level that supports most middle class home owners.
  6. High tax cities and states will no longer be rewarded for budgetary extravagance.
  7. Money will be coming back to America now instead of supporting other countries.
  8. Yes, the cuts will create an estimated 1 trillion dollar deficit over 10 years – Obama did that in 1…
  9. Obamacare’s forced mandate was stopped; the tax code reduced; and a sunset provision added for accountability.
  10. Republicans have come together to do something that really hasn’t been done in over 30 years – and they did it with a very slim majority and absolutely no support from the opposition party.

Is this bill perfect? Absolutely not. When does anything out of the hands of man ever come close to ideal?

But it is a strong step in the right direction. That’s as good as it gets in a political climate characterized by fake news, hostility, deception and adversarial process. Just the simplification impacts alone has pencils celebrating throughout America!

There’s more – lots more, but we’ll leave the details to really smart people. We can sum it all up for you with a single observation – this tax cut initiative found supportive Republicans acting like real Republicans (careful with other people’s money) and antagonistic Democrats acting like real Democrats (carelessness with other people’s money).

It tells you why, now more than ever, you need to get behind the only political body with the will and wherewithal to counter the ‘big government reach into your pocket enthusiasms’ of America’s Brand-X liberal-progressive-socialists.

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Why be a Republican? Because we get the American Success Equation

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

And we just proved it again!

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