Brand-X is selling an anti-nature message to the young, disadvantaged, and otherwise vulnerable…


From the chair – If you wonder why so many Americans skip the realism of conservatism, consider the following simple political affiliation questionnaire

  1. Do you love people? ___yes   ___no
  2. Do you hate fascism?  ___yes   ___no
  3. Do you hate racism? ___yes   ___no
  4. Do you hate sexism? ___yes   ___no
  5. Do you hate capitalism? ___yes   ___no
  6. Do you want to keep our planet green? ___yes   ___no
  7. Do you want to feel safe from gun violence? ___yes   ___no
  8. Do you want your government to do more for you? ___yes   ___no
  9. Do you want to have more freedom – and less accountability? ___yes   ___no
  10. Do you want more security and opportunity – and less pressure? ___yes   ___no

If you answered Y-E-S to most of these questions, then you’re a ‘progressive!’

Unfortunately all those questions are exercises in liberal manipulation. Each is either loaded to create a desired answer or to support the attractive notion of something for nothing. These are the persistent hooks used by the left to seduce voter support for an agenda that’s counter to everything nature tells us. May we suggest that anything pitting you against nature assures a fall?

So what does nature tell us? Here’s a shortlist – Nothing is free. You usually get no more, over time, than you earn. If you aren’t growing you’re dying. Choice is the greatest determinant of personal achievement. Being dependent on others is a fast track to self-destruction. Our future and our safety rests mostly in our own hands. Corrals are not built for the benefit of the corralled. Opportunity without responsibility is a failure equation. And more – much more…

It’s no small irony that these messages reveal the Republican Party as Nature’s Party. Our dedication to reality, reason, responsibility and right is directly transcribed from nature’s ‘real world’ playbook.

Let’s answer the above questions from a Republican perspective –

  1. We should love people but also be realistic about how dangerous, selfish and unreliable people can be.
  2. We should reject fascism, but recognize it comes in many disguises – socialism being a big one.
  3. We should reject racism, but be real about the fact the biggest finger pointers are often themselves racists.
  4. We should reject sexism, but note nature’s preferences for 2 genders with notable similarities and differences.
  5. We should reject simplisticism, and resist those who twist/corrupt the limitless uplifting potentials of free enterprise.
  6. We should embrace our planet, but stay balanced on the importance of being warm, mobile and employed.
  7. We should penalize those who misuse firearms for violence – not those exercising self-protection rights.
  8. We should want government to support us with the liberty to do as much for ourselves as possible.
  9. We should want freedom but understand it never comes without a matching measure of accountability.
  10. We should want security and opportunity but recognize that neither exists without personal responsibility.

If you find personal traction in these responses, you’re a Republican. Go register to vote!

Republicans care about people, but we know that leaving accountability, choices and personal responsibility out of the help equation assures failure. Look at events since the sixties for proof positive of that assertion.

Republicans don’t hate government. We just like government that is small, efficient and service oriented. We like people to be big – not government – and we understand you have to pick one or the other. Brand-X is always trying to make government bigger – rarely better…

Republicans understand that life isn’t easy. It’s sort of like a hike that involves a lot of uphill climbs. Brand-X sells the idea that life should be like a downhill run. We all know better, but it’s an attractive fairy tale for the vulnerable, gullible or self-serving.

May we be the first to admit that the Republican Party isn’t perfect? Here in Buncombe County we are working on it. We’re excited that we have nature on our side. We’re excited that we have a positive and realistic message of hope for people looking for a place to land in a confusing world. We’re excited about our role at the only effective political counter to the excesses, deceptions and moral corruptions of Brand-X.

We’d be even more excited if we had you on board to help us…


Why be a Republican?

Because we get The American Success Equation

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity!






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