Buncombe Republicans are Reaching Out! Want to Help?

From the chair – Early in my tenure I had the opportunity to participate in one of the NCGOP’s helpful phone conferences. Among the topics was a subject – THE REVERSE WALK PROGRAM – that caught my attention. One thing led to another and the BCGOP – thanks to a great group of volunteers and coordinating efforts by Aaron Ollis – is now on a roll with this program. We want to tell you about it because you might be able to help.

The Reverse Walk Program is a voter outreach initiative that concentrates on new residents (in our case in Buncombe County) who have not registered to vote. The NCGOP has a great data base that does some wonderful things-

  • Identifies new residents with conservative leanings
  • Provides addresses and other contact information
  • Supports with directions and other helpful data

With this information we are able to reach out to folks with a history of conservative and/or Republican engagement and support them in registering to vote.

Why is that such a big deal? Because statistically 1 out of 3 people we reach out to will register and they will do so as a Republican or an Independent with conservative leanings. That’s a win-win.

How do we frame our outreach? It’s simple, but not necessarily easy or inexpensive.

  1. We identify a community, area or precinct we want to work with
  2. We get a team of volunteers together and pick a day to do the outreach
  3. We put together a package of material that includes a doorknob handout (see above), a card from the Team Director, a note from the Chair, a stamped envelope addressed to the Board of Elections and a voter registration form
  4. We send the team out and they go to the residences on their list and leave the package on the door (in some cases we mail the packets to out of the way homes)
  5. There’s no awkward contact or intrusion – we leave our information and let them take it from there

So far four Team Directors – Ken Hawkins, Betty Hudson, Linda Humphries & Patsy Gardin – have picked up the ball and done the work in their precincts. We’re grateful.

Volunteers who have been active participants include Aaron Ollis, Charles Monroe, Pat Hair, Kyle Carver, Judy Carver, George Humphries, Don Yelton, and Lenny Rogers. Thank you all.

Under the coordination of Patsy Gardin, Linda Humphries and other members of the Executive Committee, we’re going to keep this ball rolling. It’s one of a number of voter outreach efforts we are actively pursuing (more on that later).

So, how can you help?  As with most political endeavors, voices are easier to find than hands. If you would like to lend a hand, please let us know. You’ll find us friendly and interested.

We can also use financial support for this program. The handouts, postage, etc. are expensive and direct support is appreciated.  If you want to contribute and specifically apply it to this initiative, just let us know.

In the mean time, we are going to keep pressing forward with new and creative efforts to unite and grow the 45,000 registered Republicans in Buncombe County. We’d love to have you as part of our effort to uphold one of the BCGOP’s slogans – the best way to intercept weeds is to grow good grass.


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