Pouting is not a path to progress…

Congratulations to President Trump on an exceptional State of the Union Address!


From the chair – Last night was a great night for Republicans – and all Americans with a sincere interest in preserving our country’s beacon of light. For others – not so much.

The behavior of Brand-X was remarkable. The parade of open hostility, immaturity and narcissism was starkly awkward – and revealing. When, on your worst day, have you ever felt like being mean, negative and adversarial was a path to anything good? Imagine giving yourself or a colleague implied permission to behave like that at work or church or in a social gathering. You wouldn’t – and no one else would unless they had some kind of hidden license.

Actually the left does have a license. It’s the same one that all addicted people use to permit bad behavior – denial.

The relationship between denial and addiction is, well, undeniable. They come packaged together ounce for ounce. How else would you imagine a sex-addict transitions to preying on children; an alcoholic drinks and drives; or a religious zealot beheads his fellowman in Iraq? One other thing is clear about addiction – one can become addicted to about anything.

In the case of Brand-X (progressive-liberal-socialism) the addiction patterns are pretty clear-

  • Elitism that tells them they’re more enlightened than the rest of us.
  • Confusion on love and compassion versus imposters like enabling, lust and dependency.
  • The self-granted right to act out anger based on a perception of personal exceptionalism.
  • Depression – see Nancy Pelosi – because they don’t understand that anger and depression go hand in hand.
  • Bullying licensed by middle-school thinking as an antidote to insecurity
  • Using racist methodologies to accuse others of racism.
  • Arrogance framed in a unwillingness to admit one can be wrong.
  • Embracing and acting out hate as an antidote to assumed hate in others.
  • A careless indifference or antagonism toward inconvenient truths.

Last night’s State of the Union Address revealed a great deal about our President’s successful leadership model in his first year in service. We have lots to celebrate. His growth in office and sincerity to his campaign promises were validated with remarkable clarity.

It also taught us a lot about the opposition. It can all be summed up in one phrase – pouting is not a path to progress…


Thank you President Trump – we appreciate the dignity, accuracy and positivity of your address!

The ‘Women’s March’ was useful…

Held in Asheville and across the country – last week’s “Women’s March has some lessons.
Per the signage, methodologies, and interviews, there are a few interesting takeaways.


  1. For most, this was an entertainment opportunity, social adventure and/or creative enterprise versus sincere protest.
  2. There were a host of women apparently believing that becoming like men is a solution to personal woes.
  3. Pink vagina hats are this generation’s Vera Bradley pocketbook and will suffer a similar demise.
  4. There were a lot of people who think one can get to good places through bad means.
  5. For many, placing one’s identity in the hands of others is considered ‘progress.’

May we recognize the irony that this generation of women is simultaneously the most liberated, supported, healthy, powerful and apparently miserable in history?

We certainly don’t have all the answers on that misery equation, but we do have a few.

Angry people tend to be unhappy people. The more one focuses on things that can’t be controlled (others), the more one tends to neglect what can be controlled (us). Anxiety and depression accelerate with one’s distance from mature sources of personal power. The minute one asks for equality – over just working to be equal – inequality is solidified. Victim thinking is not a mood enhancer. The final women’s march revelation comes from way out in left field – if one wishes to be useful, it’s important to pick an effective form.

You may remember Communist power-tripper Vladimir Lenin. He’s the guy who supposedly coined the phrase “useful idiots” to describe his mascots. Actually he never said that about people – he just treated them that way.

Fast forward to today. We have a lot of Vladimir wannabees who are very adept at cultivating their own team of “useful” mascots. Mind if we take a moment of liberty in suggesting that many of these folks are women?

We tend to think of “useful idiots” as the unwashed masses being sacrificed as cannon fodder by political power brokers. What’s missing in creativity, smarts and power, can certainly be made up for with numbers and enthusiasm. That’s useful.

But it remains that the best ‘useful’ people are actually very bright and accomplished.

A stand-out would be a guy that would make Vladimir smile – Saul Alinsky. You may remember he’s the community organizer that indirectly mentored Hillary, Barrack and a whole generation of radicals with – spoiler alert – his 1971 work “Rules for Radicals.”

In that text Alinsky offers a list of 13 useful radical “power tactics” that can be boiled down to the following: Act bigger than you are; paralyze and exhaust the opposition with relentless attacks-pressure-rules-ridicule, highlight your positives and hide your negatives as you highlight their negatives and hide their positives; and make radicalism fun and attractive while you paint tradition as tired and ugly.

Sound familiar? It should – that was script for this year’s women’s march.

We’ll step around the paradox of a women’s march run by a man, but we would like to prove our larger point.

You can find it in the picture at the top and all others highlighting the march – most of the participants are enthralled by their usefulness.

In America today there’s a new generation of Lenin and Alinsky thinkers who are busily herding cats into ‘useful’ recruits.

The Buncombe County Republican Party would like to point out, similarly, pedophiles begin with candy and end with harm.

Our job is to help you resist the con.

P.S. – Are you a woman interested in running for political office? We’d like to help!



You know, the people who still believe in the word ‘normal’

and who stand as an obstacle to those who don’t…



We’re Holding a Student Essay Contest!


PRIZE – $300.00


Attention all Buncombe County Students (9-12th Grades) – public, private, home schooled! We’re having an essay contest and we want to invite you to join the effort! Here’s the how, what, why and when-
  • 500-1,000 TYPED WORDS
  • Deadline: March 25, 2018


Thank you for spreading the word about this youth uplift opportunity!

Submit entries by mail or email by March 25, 2018 to:

BCGOP Essay Contest, PO Box 277, Skyland, North Carolina 28776 or AndrewBrooks.mail@gmail.com

The Winner will be recognized at the BCGOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner April 8th 2018! Essays will be judged by The BCGOP Essay Committee: Laura Bowen, Amy Churchill, Jerry Green, Christy Fryar Ingle, Anita Metcalf and Committee Chairperson: Andrew Brooks.

Here’s a link to last year’s successful entry- http://buncombegop.org/2017/05/essay-contest-winner/


Sponsored by the Buncombe County Republican Party!


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

Brand-X blinks on shut-down…

From the Chair – Let’s keep this simple. Under the leadership of President Trump and other conservative leaders in the House and Senate, our side broke decades of precedence by refusing to back down on key commitments in order to accommodate the opposition party.

Per the very slim Republican margin in the Senate (and the usual suspects who wobble on our Party’s stated principles and platform) the opposition was able to take the debt extension process hostage and demand concessions that reflected their platform – not that of the leadership a majority of Americans voted for.

Assuming they could make use of the advocacy journalism characterizing most mainstream media outlets and craft this as a Republican shut-down, the Democratic Party and their various Brand-X factions saw an opportunity for a political coup. It didn’t work.

By standing for something (meaningful immigration action stands as a firm example), Republican leadership demonstrated a sincere agenda – even apparently in the eyes of those who disagreed with that agenda.

In a reversal of fortune, it was actually the left who came off as the bad guys on this one. It was their effort to manipulate the process that was putting a lot of people who count on our governance structure (our military for example) at risk.

Brand-X blinked.

Uncle Sam is now back in business after a long week-end. Congress has a renewed three-week window of opportunity to craft solutions more devoted to problem solving than political posturing.

We have no idea where things will go from here, but we can be proud of President Trump, Congressman Meadows, Congressman McHenry, Senator Tillis and Senator Burr for being on the right side of holding the line.

Please let them know you appreciate it.

In the upside down world of a divided country, no solution is permanent. Yesterday was a temporary victory for our side – the right side. It sets the stage for more…


 Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

Well behaved men seldom make history?

It was in the seventies when Harvard Professor and American historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich authored the quote, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” The feminist movement has since embraced her words as pretty much an “anything goes” license for mischief. The irony that this is a sexist statement is quietly ignored in sacrifice to the practical over the principled.

May we suggest similar words might apply to an elected official attempting to drain a swamp?

We’d offer no argument that our President is sometimes casual or less than well behaved in application of words. A stand-out is his most recent claimed use of the the phrase word “S_ _ _hole countries” to describe third world nations hemorrhaging their misery on the world.

You may not like his terminology – and there is conflicting information if he even said it – it’s hard to argue his logic.

America has become a landing place for a flood of refugees seeking a way out of their country of origin’s misery. They aren’t undergoing extraordinary risks to escape a happy place.

Claims that this comment affirms racism are simply silly. It’s not a color thing, it’s a skill thing. People who come here without education or training are more likely to economically drain than uplift our economy. We’ve always been programed to accept the ‘tired, poor, and huddled masses’ but just how many can we realistically absorb and maintain our own?

There are strong arguments that we have crossed that line. America cannot uplift the world by becoming like the world.

President Trump was suggesting that we better get smarter about who we let come to our shores and what we expect of them when they get there. To do otherwise is self-destructive.

Do we sometimes wish our President would chose his language more carefully? Sure.

But then we are not charged with draining a swamp – fighting an extraordinarily antagonistic and biased mainstream media – overcoming a patterned refusal to acknowledge his victory – and turning America from a pattern of progressive-liberal-socialism to our traditional success equation.

You can’t do that and always be well-behaved. We would argue that substance trumps symbolism.

Press on Mr. President. Most of the hysteria is coming from people who do far worse, far more often, and with a far less noble mission than your strong efforts to ‘Make America Great Again!’


The American Success Equation?

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.



Minority Outreach on MLK Day!




From the chair – There are many ways to honor the birthday – and more importantly – the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King. This year we decided to do it in what we feel is a special way – duplicate his model.

It may surprise you that Dr. King’s approach defined him as a conservative. His faith-based values, belief in self-governance, and dedication to natural moral rights are all tenets of conservatism. He was antagonistic to liberal rejection of faith, commitment to big government over big people and preference for man-made constraints over natural law.

In contrast to so many voices today, Dr. King sought to bring people together. He rejected methodologies that tore people apart of seduced them into destructive behaviors like anger and violence.

As a means to duplicating Mr. King’s walk, one of this year’s BCGOP priorities is to reach across racial, cultural and country of origin boundaries to engage with other conservatives. We have an action committee devoted to that agenda and are connecting personally. We need help and prayers with this effort – done right, it is not done easy.

We’re also placing ads in some of our local papers with a specific mission of minority outreach. The Urban News, Asheville Daily Planet, Asheville Tribune and La Noticia are all running ads for us throughout the month of January. Print media is expensive – it’s also powerful and effective and we think it’s worth it. In each case the editors of these respective papers have been very considerate of our effort.

The Buncombe Republican Party and our Minority Outreach Committee (Pratik Bhatka, Melody Koebernik & Carl Mumpower) recognize that our limited resources are precious – and should be invested wisely in equally precious endeavors.

Please note that this is not an effort to convert those with a liberal view to our way of thinking. That’s what our debate program and other information sharing efforts are about. In this case we’re trying to reach out to conservative minded minorities who deserve to have a safe and supportive place to express and expand their conservative values. Again, we’re drawing from Dr. King in this effort-

“My friends,” Dr. King said in a Detroit sermon, “all I’m trying to say is that if we are to go forward today, we’ve got to go back and rediscover some mighty precious values that we’ve left behind. That’s the only way that we would be able to make of our world a better world, and to make of this world what God wants it to be. . . .”

The ad copy below (thanks to Matt Mumpower for his assistance) pretty well sums up what we are doing, how, and why. It also gives you some good reasons to help out. Thanks for giving this effort your consideration. We can’t do it without you.



“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Interested in running for office? We can help!

Sheepdogs Come In Many Forms…


You’ve probably heard the old adage about there being three kinds of people – sheep, predators and sheepdogs. It’s a simple way to visualize a complex issue – what’s your place in the world?

The Republican Party is a sheepdog organization. We’re protectors by nature, design, commitment and action. That doesn’t mean we always fulfill those roles perfectly – just that we understand our mission and work hard in that direction.

One of the ways we do that is in supporting Republican candidates for public office. You might say the BCGOP is in the business of breeding and nurturing sheepdogs.

That is, after all, what an elected official is – or is supposed to be – a protector, producer and problem solver devoted to something bigger than their own needs.

When one thinks “sheepdog” a mental picture of a soldier or peace officer is what tends to first come to mind. May we suggest that an ethical politician grounded in reality is a sheepdog of the first order?

That’s important because of those two other groups – sheep and predators.

For the most part, sheep lead a comfortable life – right up to the moment they don’t. There’s comfort in numbers and as long as someone is providing grass, all is good – again – right up to the moment it’s not. That’s where sheepdogs come in.

Have you noticed that there’s a tendency for sheep to resent sheepdogs? Sheepdogs are an irritating reminder that the world is not safe. Sheep want to think about grass – not predators.

Those predators come in a host of forms. Part of the reason Republicans are sheepdogs is we believe our opposition is predatory. How? Well, here’s a quick list:

  1. Their promise of something for nothing cultivates dependency and is contrary to every message of nature.
  2. Seducing voters with entitlements and empty assurances is an action done to uplift politicians – not people.
  3. Giving away other people’s money is political “chumming” – it helps politicians catch more fish. People are not fish.

Predators are usually pretty bright. They use stealth, disguise and deception to succeed with those who aren’t. Listen to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and most other Brand-X politicians for a consistent demonstration of such.

It comes down to this. In a darkening world, we need more sheepdogs and we especially need them in public service.

The BCGOP is looking for value driven people with backbone, judgment, experience, and maturity to step forward as protectors, producers and problem solvers in public office.

Might you be one of those people? If so, we’d like to talk with you. We’d like to help…



Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

BCGOP convention is on the calendar!

From the chair –  We are pleased to announce this year’s BCGOP Convention details have been finalized. We will be meeting on Saturday, March 3rd at the Buncombe County Courthouse. Please mark your calendars and share with your Republican family, friends and neighbors.
Parking is right across the street in the County garage. Registration will begin at 8 A.M. and conclude at 9:30 A.M. Precinct meetings will precede the convention.
This is an exciting opportunity to unite, celebrate, plan and hear from our Republican Candidates. More information will follow.

Many thanks to Dorothea Alderfer for doing so much of the heavy lifting on this good effort.
Thanks for all that you do,

Carl Mumpower,
BCGOP Chairman


Republicans – You know, the folks who believe in normal –
and work to support the only political party with the means to challenge those who don’t…

An armed citizenry is a powerful citizenry…

“When it comes to protecting your right to protect yourself,

the Republican Party is the only game in town.”


From the chair – The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution puts an exclamation point on American exceptionalism. Thanks to the timeless wisdom of the Founding Fathers, we are supported in our natural right to protect ourselves.

That’s really what the second amendment is about – protection. America is the only country in the world that firmly supports its law-abiding citizens in their right to bear arms as a means to doing so.

Republicans get this unique equation for citizen empowerment and we back it up with action.

That’s important because there a large number of elite minded social change agents who think the Founding Fathers were chumps and that civil societies do not need armed citizens.

That history clearly demonstrates otherwise doesn’t matter to these folks. That there are a lot of evil and damaged people in the world wishing us harm doesn’t matter either. They ignore the fact that our overstretched thin blue line is designed to respond to versus intercept crime. That good guys with a gun are usually the ones stopping bad guys with a gun and that firearms are used infinitely more often to prevent harm than create it are just inconvenient truths.

The Republican Party has many things to be proud of, but our 2nd Amendment dedications are a stand out. We understand that the Republican Party remains the only viable constraint on the left’s clear mission of dismantling the 2nd Amendment; disarming law-abiding citizens; and thereby making our world even more dangerous.

For a quick summary of our view, look no further than the NC Republican Party Platform found under the ‘Values’ section of our BuncombeGOP.org website. There, under Article III, Section 5 you will find the following language – “The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. We support the constitutional ownership, sale, purchase and carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Further, we support reducing the number of “gun-free zones”. Gun owners have a right to confidentiality. Personal information acquired by government agencies for gun purchases and permitting should be available to law enforcement for investigative purposes only and not for public record.”

That’s it – the Republican position is short and sweet. The left? Per usual, the seek to disarm the good guys while they empower the bad guys.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the gang warfare in Chicago – a city that has effectively banned gun rights for its citizenry. Each year armed black young men kill more of their peers in Chicago than all of the recorded lynching’s in America’s last century.

That doesn’t matter to liberal elitists. Having failed at every social re-engineering effort of the past fifty years, the silly notion of accountability clearly does not get in their way.

The left operates like your average sugar addict. No amount of reason is going to derail the pursuit of their idea of social comfort food – a disarmed citizenry.

The pursuit of a foolish agenda unfortunately doesn’t make one a fool. These folks are smart. They talk about “reasonable” and “limited” gun control. To the uniformed and civic minded, this call for moderation seems prudent.

Unfortunately, in every first world country where constrained gun control has been initiated, the ultimate mission of an effective ban on private ownership has become the final landing place. Sugar addicts are rarely are satisfied with one bite of a doughnut.

That’s why the Republican Party speaks so persistently to enforcing the laws we have and expanding the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep their arms. We know the left’s control appetites are insatiable.

We’re Republicans for many reasons – insuring the individual and collective safety of our people tops the list. As Republicans, we believe in big people over big government and recognize that’s an A or B choice. We’re the ones who still believe in the word normal – and in supporting the only political movement capable of countering those who don’t.

If you are a 2nd Amendment enthusiast, we’re the only game in town…

Buncombe County Republican Party

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save