From the Chair – Let’s keep this simple. Under the leadership of President Trump and other conservative leaders in the House and Senate, our side broke decades of precedence by refusing to back down on key commitments in order to accommodate the opposition party.

Per the very slim Republican margin in the Senate (and the usual suspects who wobble on our Party’s stated principles and platform) the opposition was able to take the debt extension process hostage and demand concessions that reflected their platform – not that of the leadership a majority of Americans voted for.

Assuming they could make use of the advocacy journalism characterizing most mainstream media outlets and craft this as a Republican shut-down, the Democratic Party and their various Brand-X factions saw an opportunity for a political coup. It didn’t work.

By standing for something (meaningful immigration action stands as a firm example), Republican leadership demonstrated a sincere agenda – even apparently in the eyes of those who disagreed with that agenda.

In a reversal of fortune, it was actually the left who came off as the bad guys on this one. It was their effort to manipulate the process that was putting a lot of people who count on our governance structure (our military for example) at risk.

Brand-X blinked.

Uncle Sam is now back in business after a long week-end. Congress has a renewed three-week window of opportunity to craft solutions more devoted to problem solving than political posturing.

We have no idea where things will go from here, but we can be proud of President Trump, Congressman Meadows, Congressman McHenry, Senator Tillis and Senator Burr for being on the right side of holding the line.

Please let them know you appreciate it.

In the upside down world of a divided country, no solution is permanent. Yesterday was a temporary victory for our side – the right side. It sets the stage for more…


 Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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