It was in the seventies when Harvard Professor and American historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich authored the quote, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” The feminist movement has since embraced her words as pretty much an “anything goes” license for mischief. The irony that this is a sexist statement is quietly ignored in sacrifice to the practical over the principled.

May we suggest similar words might apply to an elected official attempting to drain a swamp?

We’d offer no argument that our President is sometimes casual or less than well behaved in application of words. A stand-out is his most recent claimed use of the the phrase word “S_ _ _hole countries” to describe third world nations hemorrhaging their misery on the world.

You may not like his terminology – and there is conflicting information if he even said it – it’s hard to argue his logic.

America has become a landing place for a flood of refugees seeking a way out of their country of origin’s misery. They aren’t undergoing extraordinary risks to escape a happy place.

Claims that this comment affirms racism are simply silly. It’s not a color thing, it’s a skill thing. People who come here without education or training are more likely to economically drain than uplift our economy. We’ve always been programed to accept the ‘tired, poor, and huddled masses’ but just how many can we realistically absorb and maintain our own?

There are strong arguments that we have crossed that line. America cannot uplift the world by becoming like the world.

President Trump was suggesting that we better get smarter about who we let come to our shores and what we expect of them when they get there. To do otherwise is self-destructive.

Do we sometimes wish our President would chose his language more carefully? Sure.

But then we are not charged with draining a swamp – fighting an extraordinarily antagonistic and biased mainstream media – overcoming a patterned refusal to acknowledge his victory – and turning America from a pattern of progressive-liberal-socialism to our traditional success equation.

You can’t do that and always be well-behaved. We would argue that substance trumps symbolism.

Press on Mr. President. Most of the hysteria is coming from people who do far worse, far more often, and with a far less noble mission than your strong efforts to ‘Make America Great Again!’


The American Success Equation?

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.



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