The ‘Women’s March’ was useful…

Held in Asheville and across the country – last week’s “Women’s March has some lessons.
Per the signage, methodologies, and interviews, there are a few interesting takeaways.


  1. For most, this was an entertainment opportunity, social adventure and/or creative enterprise versus sincere protest.
  2. There were a host of women apparently believing that becoming like men is a solution to personal woes.
  3. Pink vagina hats are this generation’s Vera Bradley pocketbook and will suffer a similar demise.
  4. There were a lot of people who think one can get to good places through bad means.
  5. For many, placing one’s identity in the hands of others is considered ‘progress.’

May we recognize the irony that this generation of women is simultaneously the most liberated, supported, healthy, powerful and apparently miserable in history?

We certainly don’t have all the answers on that misery equation, but we do have a few.

Angry people tend to be unhappy people. The more one focuses on things that can’t be controlled (others), the more one tends to neglect what can be controlled (us). Anxiety and depression accelerate with one’s distance from mature sources of personal power. The minute one asks for equality – over just working to be equal – inequality is solidified. Victim thinking is not a mood enhancer. The final women’s march revelation comes from way out in left field – if one wishes to be useful, it’s important to pick an effective form.

You may remember Communist power-tripper Vladimir Lenin. He’s the guy who supposedly coined the phrase “useful idiots” to describe his mascots. Actually he never said that about people – he just treated them that way.

Fast forward to today. We have a lot of Vladimir wannabees who are very adept at cultivating their own team of “useful” mascots. Mind if we take a moment of liberty in suggesting that many of these folks are women?

We tend to think of “useful idiots” as the unwashed masses being sacrificed as cannon fodder by political power brokers. What’s missing in creativity, smarts and power, can certainly be made up for with numbers and enthusiasm. That’s useful.

But it remains that the best ‘useful’ people are actually very bright and accomplished.

A stand-out would be a guy that would make Vladimir smile – Saul Alinsky. You may remember he’s the community organizer that indirectly mentored Hillary, Barrack and a whole generation of radicals with – spoiler alert – his 1971 work “Rules for Radicals.”

In that text Alinsky offers a list of 13 useful radical “power tactics” that can be boiled down to the following: Act bigger than you are; paralyze and exhaust the opposition with relentless attacks-pressure-rules-ridicule, highlight your positives and hide your negatives as you highlight their negatives and hide their positives; and make radicalism fun and attractive while you paint tradition as tired and ugly.

Sound familiar? It should – that was script for this year’s women’s march.

We’ll step around the paradox of a women’s march run by a man, but we would like to prove our larger point.

You can find it in the picture at the top and all others highlighting the march – most of the participants are enthralled by their usefulness.

In America today there’s a new generation of Lenin and Alinsky thinkers who are busily herding cats into ‘useful’ recruits.

The Buncombe County Republican Party would like to point out, similarly, pedophiles begin with candy and end with harm.

Our job is to help you resist the con.

P.S. – Are you a woman interested in running for political office? We’d like to help!



You know, the people who still believe in the word ‘normal’

and who stand as an obstacle to those who don’t…



3 thoughts on “The ‘Women’s March’ was useful…”

  1. Useful march is related to “stupid” projection of values. I would like
    to see the Republicans counter this continued media degradation by
    either weekly or monthly place a 1/2 ad in USA Today paper listing the
    [positive] things that have been accomplished….such as.

    1. Denote the increased value of 401K and other stock market.
    2. Increased number of unemployed.
    etc., etc.

    We are being overwhelmed by the media.

    1. Hi – Thank you for taking the time to comment. From the picture above and a chauvinistic assumption about who influenced this post, may we suggest you may be a bit misguided about who’s walking backwards – most especially for women? But you are being useful…

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