10 reasons we value the 2ND AMENDMENT…

Republicans…we’re into GOVERNMENT CONTROL – not people and gun control.

WHY? Because the first one works, the other two don’t…


RASMUSSEN: 54% of Americans believe government failure is to “blame for the mass shooting” in Florida.” 33% of Americans blame guns. 11% of Americans say they are unsure what contributed to the occurrence. (survey completed February 25-26, 2018) 


  1. Law-abiding citizens very rarely abuse weapons – we prevent abuse. Criminals do just the opposite.
  2. We value having modern means (yes, that includes AR-15’s) to protect ourselves from modern threats.
  3. Recent events demonstrate that relying on the King’s men is not a dependable source of safety.
  4. The 2nd Amendment is adaptable – restricting firearms to muskets is like media restriction to the Gutenberg Press.
  5. We have more faith in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers than today’s crop of left-leaning elitists.
  6. Where guns are freely carried by law-abiding citizens, violence is constrained – elsewhere it’s expanded.
  7. Gun control doesn’t work to do what it’s supposed to do – anywhere – government control does.
  8. We don’t enforce existing gun laws – adding more just limits the people already doing the right thing.
  9. A good guy with a gun really is the only protection from a bad guy with a gun.
  10. We like the idea that government bureaucrats and international enemies resent an armed U.S. citizenry.


Here a link to a nifty young man’s take on gun control – meet Coilon Noir


This message was brought to you by the Buncombe County Republican Party.
If you like the U.S. Constitution; the idea of big people over big government;
and preserving America’s traditional success equation – please consider joining us…


3 thoughts on “10 reasons we value the 2ND AMENDMENT…”

  1. Please do not confuse the right claimed to carry a weapon originally developed to kill enemy soldiers on the battlefield with your needs as a citizen to protect yourself. For the first almost two hundred years of our American history, we did not have the need or the right to possess weapons of such firepower. But since the Congress allowed the lapse of the regulations preventing the possession of assault weapons, we have allowed their availability for use in destroying many lives in mass slaughters, most of whom have been in classrooms or churches. How can we defend this availability? How can we hide behind the 2nd amendment, the writers of which could have never dreamed of the current violence of today’s weaponry, (no matter how much we imbue them with great sentient powers)? Can we not just have a little sanity and admit that there are certain levels to the amount of firepower needed for self protection?

    1. Sorry Gerry. You are incorrect about the evolution of firearms; the part they played in self-protection during those two-hundred years; and the reason so many Americans feel the current need to have a modern means to self-protection to counter modern threats. You are an able illustration of the latter. Your willingness to rewrite history, embrace false truths and twist the facts to suit your agenda demonstrate why the left has so much history of wholesale mayhem in the world. Thank goodness there are so many law-abiding adults who see the reason for the capacity to defend oneself from the political force that is always seeking to expand government control and embraces interception of 58 million lives as a matter of choice.

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