From the chair – Congressman Patrick McHenry serves many Buncombe County residents as our 10th District Representative in DC. Over the past several weeks there have been two personal opportunities for direct contact. The first was a one-on-one phone conversation initiated by Congressman McHenry – impressive effort by a very busy man. The second was at the 10th District Executive Committee meeting on February 24th in Lincolnton. Both were helpful and I wanted to pass along a couple of highlights to the Republican family in Buncombe County.

  • On the President – Our 10th District Congressman takes delight in President Trump’s extraordinary efforts and success in advancing the conservative agenda; creatively befuddle the left-leaning media; and honor his word to the American people. To paraphrase his take – “When this gentleman tells me that something is a good deal, 90% of the time I go with it – I recognize and trust him as a good deal maker. When his predecessor told me something was a good deal, 90% of the time I didn’t go with it – I didn’t trust him.”
  • On the recent budget deal – On inquiry about BCGOP member concern on our growing deficit, Rep. McHenry shared that he recognizes the budget was less than perfect. He acknowledged that his partner in the 11th District had a different take, but that he felt compromise was in order to (1) Renew our defense capacities (2) Uphold the President’s agenda (3) Overcome our ability to pass a budget without at least some support from across the isle. He noted the deficit as an issue that merits Republican attention and conviction.
  • On first year Republican successes – Congressman McHenry was specific and excited about what had been done during the past year. Clear victories include tax overhaul; judicial appointments; ISIS reversal of fortune; regulatory roll-back; and a track-record of working to make sure Republicans in DC stand for something people can count on. He credits the President for doing an admirable job of leading that charge.

I’m taking the time to pass these highlights along to Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance as (1) and information update and (2) a reminder.

It is the stated mission of the BCGOP to hold our elected officials accountable to their promises and our Party’s principles and platform. We are trying to do that with positive means centered on (a) public support (b) raising concerns in private fashion and (3) recognizing that our elected Republican officials are, with very few exceptions, infinitely preferable to the dedicated liberal-socialist-progressives universally characterizing the representation of our opposition.

We will never do that perfectly – but we can work to do it persistently.

Please ask yourself if you have ever been motivated to make meaningful changes in your course, values or position on the basis of personal criticism, abuse, ridicule or rejection. Those approaches simply do not work – for anyone – anytime – anywhere. That includes those who we elect to represent us.

Your help in helping us strive to support and strengthen Republicanism in Buncombe County is appreciated. It takes good people using good means to get to good places…

Thank-you Congressman McHenry.

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


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