Obama’s picture is perfect!

From the Chair – Former President Barack Obama and his spouse recently unveiled their official portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Controversy was immediately forthcoming.

Kehinde Wiley – the artist – is the first African American to paint a presidential portrait. That’s a good thing. What’s not so good is this gentleman is a self-described black race advocate. We guess that’s OK too – as long as it’s recognized for what it is – racism. In case that doesn’t make sense, imagine what would happen if the BCGOP Chair took a similar position on white advocacy. He doesn’t and won’t – because he’s not a racist. Mr. Wiley? Well…

Probably the greatest curiosity in the choice of artist is his propensity for painting pictures of black women holding the severed heads of white women. Before you get too excited, this is the artist’s interpretations of how historical events went down – he’s just putting his special spin on things by leveling the playing field. Here’s an example of his work-

We’re not art critics, but his use of wallpaper-like patterns as background is sort of interesting.

There are a lot of people upset about how all this went down. May we suggest a reset?

We think the former President’s picture is perfect. Everything about it – the background, artist and final product are a perfect reflection of how many of us view his terms of service – lots of color and imagery – no substance.

When we fast forward and picture his official portrait at the end of a long line of his super-dignified predecessors, we’d suggest that will affirm his service model with crystal clarity. The undertones of intrigue and racism – well that’s just a continuation of a theme we watched for eight years and nothing to get too excited about.

A final thought? Thank you Mr. Wiley. We love your work!


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