From the chair – Billy Graham passed today. It’s sad, but as Rev. Graham would suggest, it’s not smart to argue with God.

A better direction might be to suggest we’ve lost a herald for an era of faith, values and civility that stands in notable contrast to today’s accelerating climate of anger, division and self-absorption. A better direction might be to just express our gratitude. Here’s a little of what we might say – today – to Billy Graham…

  1. Thanks for bringing so many to a decision toward faith.
  2. Thanks for being someone so easy to listen to and learn from.
  3. Thanks for so much inspiration amidst so many special moments. 
  4. Thanks for being such a wonderful role model for so many for so long.
  5. Thanks for putting God first in a way that was evident to all who knew you.
  6. Thanks for bringing children and grandchildren into the world who are also givers.
  7. Thanks for your dignity, demeanor, dedication and delightful sense of gentle humor.
  8. Thanks for showing us that Christians aren’t perfect, but we have a compassed path to God’s grace.
  9. Thanks for uplifting so many in the world through your human touch as surely as your divine inspiration.
  10. Thanks for hanging in there to fulfill your part of God’s plan even though you were tired and ready to go…

It’s amazing to think that Billy Graham was born just 4 days shy of the end of W.W. I. His was an extraordinary time for our country and our people. It can be argued that his generation rode the crest of our biggest wave. We do not seem to be producing men of his stature amidst the turmoil, small mindedness and faith departure taking so much out of today’s America.

As Republicans, we retain a fondness for those things that have stood the test of time. Many if not most of us share an appreciation of Rev. Graham’s deep commitment to our country’s traditional Judaeo-Christian heritage. He embodied and championed that foundation of faith that has so clearly grounded America as a beacon of light in a dark world.

With the passing of Billy Graham, we have lost someone special – we are bigger for his life, but lessened by his loss.

How best to respond? Pick up his best – his example, words, and faith and give those life in our own. There is no more sincere way to say goodbye to Billy…


“I don’t need a successor, only willing hands to accept the torch for a new generation.”



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