From the Chair – The Buncombe County Republican Party is busy continuing to build on the good works of our predecessors. One of our strategies is to keep our eye on our Party’s compass. Right now that compass has three points – (1) Our Principles (2) Our Platform and (3) Our Plan of Organization. We try to make sure everything we do is matched to those filters.

This coming Monday (March 26th, 2018) at our Executive Committee, we will be reviewing, discussing and voting on adding a 4th point to our Party Compass – Our Practices. We think this 4th filter will help us smooth out our day to day operations; support unity; and keep us individually and collectively on a positive and productive course.

We wanted to let you know what we are doing – and, as always, we welcome your suggestions on how to do it better…

– D R A F T –

Buncombe County Republican Party – Our Practices

The 4th Point of the GOP Compass

In an effort to strengthen our representation of the dynamic and reasoned values of the Republican Party, the B.C.G.O.P. has identified specific ten practices conducive to that mission. These guiding practices have been developed and affirmed by the 2017-19 Buncombe County Republican Party Executive Committee. We appreciate your participation on this good course and in helping us quickly reset when we miss the mark…

  1. We look out for one another.
  2. We remember that Brand-X is the real opposition.
  3. We challenge actions where necessary, but resist rejecting people.
  4. We are cultivating a culture defined by values versus personalities.
  5. We face problems with an eye on solutions over blame or division.
  6. We believe in normal and stand as a force against those who don’t.
  7. We know we all have darkness and light – we aim toward the latter.
  8. We win by out working, out creating and out thinking our opposition.
  9. We understand growing good grass as the best way to constrict weeds.
  10. We work to uphold our principles, platform, plan of org, and practices – always.

With gratitude and on behalf of the BCGOP Executive Committee,

Carl Mumpower, Chair

April 26th, 2018


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