A Public Service Announcement from the BCGOP


From the chair – It will come as no surprise that Asheville’s publicly funded education system – from top to bottom (including our elementary, middle and high schools as well as A-B Tech and UNC-A) – operates out of a liberal bias. Over the years that bias has been variously denied, concealed and maintained as a mostly subliminal enterprise. Those days are apparently over – Asheville’s school system is coming out of the closet.

Allow us to point to four recent and pending events for affirmation –

  1. Leadership roles in the recent liberally theme ‘Women’s March’ by Asheville High attendees as a student enterprise.
  2. Administratively supported personal presentation by a transgendered individual as part of an assembly in the name of “art.”
  3. Presentation in that same art class of a pro-LBGTQ video. https://youtube/oWDZCVejcZQ
  4. Administrative permission to use school time for another student enterprise – an anti-gun rally. https://www.instagram.com/ashevillehighschoolwalkout/

These are just a few recent ‘bubbled to the surface’ examples of what former BCGOP Chair Chad Nesbitt cleverly describes as, “Democrat Pep Rallies.”

The BCGOP has been approached by concerned conservative parents. We want to help – and per our principles and platform – believe challenge is appropriate. We do not believe our public schools are a fitting venue for social re-engineering efforts by educators with personal or political agendas. We also have an alternative take on the activities noted above –

  1. We agree with the ideals of equal opportunity and uplifting women. We disagree that ending the lives of 58 million children; making women into men; validating anger and victimization as a permanent lifestyle; and wearing pink vagina knit hats are meaningful ways to do so.
  2. Transgendered people are free to follow their chosen course. We do not believe an art class is a proper place to indoctrinate our children on gender confusion and exchange as a simplistic social or psychological issue.
  3. Again, we hold no malice toward those operating outside of nature’s clear preference for two genders. We do believe that marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of the family and that the family is the family is in turn the foundation of any healthy culture. The traditional man-woman led family is not the only way, but the research – and messages of nature – clearly note it’s the best. Putting a happy face on the LBGTQ agenda is a liberal propaganda initiative – not proper public education.
  4. Though Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouth on the issue of gun-control, it is clear by their behavior in cities and states where they have control – gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens is the ultimate goal. We do not believe it is proper to exploit the inexperience and natural exuberance (not to mention passion for partying in most any form) of our youth. It is especially inappropriate for our houses of public education to be doing so.

It’s not clear what we can do about this expanding effort to marinate our children in liberalism, but we’re going to try. Here are a couple of things the Buncombe Republican Party – unless some other good group picks up the reins – is planning to do:

  • Explore legal avenues for recourse against school administrators supporting this effort.
  • Contact our Raleigh representatives to see if they might have suggestions or options for action.
  • Explore our City School system Charter or organizing framework for possible violations of policy
  • Bring conservative minded parents together to challenge the mistreatment of their children/students.

Make no mistake about it – conservative thinkers in public schools are not in a position to fend for themselves. They need adult help. Ridicule and mockery are the fate of any student who holds his or her hand up and dares to challenge the liberal group-think. For a good model of how to stand strong in the middle of this kind of peer pressure, witness the UNC-A College Republicans. These young ladies and guys have it going.

When another group of over-liberated liberals – the Khmer Rouge – took over Cambodia in the mid-seventies the proceeded to execute an unimaginable number of people (1.5 million plus). Guess who they used as their preeminent executioners – adolescents. They were easily programmable and enthusiastic about their mission.

Too many of today’s educators are ignoring or intentionally exploiting the psycho-social vulnerabilities of our children. They’re using the same methods as the Khmer Rouge – and view themselves as similarly enlightened. That’s a script that experience tells us rarely ends well for the participants or the victims.

Would you like to help us thoughtfully challenge this misguided thinking? Just go to our web site and reach out through our contact page. Your message will come directly to our Chair and he will keep what you share in strict confidence. You can also email him at drmumpower@aol.com or (828) 252-3890.

What our school system is doing is NOT OK. It’s a good time for Asheville’s ‘Quietly Conservative’ parents to take a stand…

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