February 28, 2018

From:   BCGOP – Chair

To:       Buncombe County Republicans and our partners in good governance

Subj:    Buncombe Republican candidates step forward…

The candidate sign-up window closed today at noon. We are pleased to share that we have candidates in essentially all of the important races – including Districts 114, 115, and 116 – in both the House and Senate seats.

If you are on our email list, we will be sending you an updated list of Republican candidates a a bit later. Members of the Executive Committee will receive it along with the agenda for this weekend’s Buncombe County Republican Party Convention – the specifics of which have been on hold until we could cement clarification on candidate participation.

It should be noted and applauded that a lot of good people – including the NCGOP staff in Raleigh; current and former elected officials; the 10th and 11th District Chairs, BCGOP Executive Committee members; concerned citizens; and our partners in good governance have worked hard to make it happen. Thanks to all who laid their hand on making sure Brand-X has meaningful conservative challenge to their increasingly confused agenda.

We also need to thank our candidates. It’s no small thing to stake out a Republican position in a community where the loudest voices – including a host of advocacy journalists – are almost always standing on the left.

What’s next? We’ll be communicating with all of the Republican candidates to see what we can do to help. Over the next week or so we will work to have pictures and contact information for all our candidates on our web site. All candidates that we have been able to reach have been personally invited to speak at this week’s Buncombe County Republican Convention. More to come!

Your Republican candidates have taken a giant step forward. As cornerstones of our community’s Party of reality, reason, responsibility and right, your help will be very important as they press on.

It’s been a great year for Republicans in America. Today is an especially good day for Republicans in Buncombe County.

Thank you for being an important part of our crucial mission – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT!

With appreciation,

Carl Mumpower, Chair




Republicans – you know, the people who believe in normal –

and who support the only political party capable of stopping those who don’t…

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