Thanks to all who made our B.C.G.O.P. 2018 Convention a success!


From the chair – The picture above came to us courtesy of Patsy Gardin. Isn’t it unfortunate that we couldn’t find a more elegant spot to hold our County Convention…

Nope, there isn’t a more elegant site than Buncombe’s Superior court room – known throughout the state as one of the loveliest if not the loveliest court room in North Carolina. We’d vote for the latter – and would like to pass on our thanks to the Buncombe County’s staff and Sheriff’s Deputies who helped us land in a good place.

The doors were open even before 7:30 and most everything went smoothly thanks to likes of Dorothea Alderfer, Linda Humphries, Robin Ramsey and so many other other good and able volunteer hands. Thanks to everyone who helped – some in ways that showed and others in ways that made a quiet difference in the background.

We’d also like to thank the UNC-A College Republicans for their great efforts. You guys were very helpful and pleasant contributors in all ways but one – you ate all the bananas.

Then there was that great parade of elected officials and their representatives. From start to finish every single one made an effort to respect the clock or be patient with the chair and time keeper (Melody K.) when we had to nudge them a bit. The result – as we finished the closing prayer, the clock in back of the room hit 12:00. A big plus – the quality of our candidate pool was very encouraging.

Probably the most important part of the morning was the effort by those in attendance to keep things on a positive, productive and unifying course. The spirit in the room was just what we have been working for over the past year – an attitude of “We are in this together and the opposition is Brand-X – not one another.”

A bonus – we were able to seamlessly seat 65+ delegates between the 10th and 11th Districts. Appreciation to all who have a vested interest in assisting Republicans move forward at the state level as well as here at home.

We’ll finish with an extra special moment.11th District Chair Aubrey Woodard brought it to our attention that Doug Crosby is facing a serious health struggle with impaired medical coverage. He asked our help and will continue to do so in the future. On this occasion, the BCGOP and guests stepped up with a spontaneous pass-the-hat effort that put $382 in the hands of the Crosby family. We appreciate Aubrey’s flag on this opportunity to help one of our District’s long-time Republican soldiers.

Again, many thanks to everyone who helped us pull off Saturday in constructive fashion. We’ll do it again next year – even better!


Republicans – you know, the people who believe in normal –
and who support the only political party capable of stopping those who don’t…

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